Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

A woman lawyer becomes mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio setting off a series of erotic encounters.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancing,   hotel,  

A woman lawyer becomes mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio setting off a series of erotic encounters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee H (it) wrote: Was actually better than I thought it would be. However the hitler cyborg was a bit iffy!!

Gerard M (mx) wrote: It's Secret of NIMH 2 all over again!!

Anthony A (ru) wrote: One word......wooden!

Thrse F (nl) wrote: Not at all interested

Sora Z (nl) wrote: the animation was superb, but the story wasn't as impressive as the series. Still a fan, though.

Julie D (it) wrote: Ce film m'a transporte dans univers completement hors de moi et j'ai apprecie le voyage !

Letcia Saoki L (au) wrote: Filminho estranho... Mas bem feito ^__^E relativamente mudo (!)

Phil E (nl) wrote: This film is awesome. Great for fans of Parker & Stones other films. It is very very funny and not too crass. Plus Reel Big Fish are in it. Which makes it great automatically.

Kenneth L (ca) wrote: Jon Avnet's deeply flawed Red Corner is nonetheless a terrific Hitchcockian style thriller and a gripping courtroom drama all rolled into one. With strong impassioned performances, exotic scenic elements and an urgent message on the heels of the brutal Tiananmen Massacre, it is hard to argue against the earnestness by which Avnet and Gere approach the material. And while there may be attempts at 'balance', there's no question the film is anti-Chinese in its sentiment, not least because of its conspicuous lack of subtlety and self reflexive irony. Gere plays an American TV executive working for a media conglomerate who finds himself in deep trouble when he picks up a Chinese woman (Jessey Meng) at an event only to wake up with the police swarming his hotel room. The woman has been murdered, he has blood all over his clothes and can't seem to remember anything beyond their night of sex and booze. Thereafter, the film takes us through a labyrinthian crash course of the Chinese (in)judicial system which includes, assault, intimidation, corrupt officials and greed - all symptoms of a system shrouded in secrecy.The premise isn't a new one and Red Corner, though performed and executed with utter conviction, is alas so hard handed and assured in its western didacticism that the contrivances structured to bring forward its human rights agenda also float to the fore, undercutting its own credibility at every turn with sheer Hollywood machinations. After Gere's shockingly inhuman treatment while in detention, he is then allowed free reign around Beijing to recreate the evening of the crime, even ending up in his attorney's private residence. The story takes a more incredulous turn when caught in a traffic jam, an attempt is made on Gere's life which triggers a ludicrous chase sequence around Beijing and finally to the safety of the American embassy. Even more prepostrous is, after a teary reunion with his attorney in which he realizes the sacrifices she's made on his behalf, he voluntarily leaves the sanctuary of the consulate and surrenders himself to the Chinese judicial system. All of which, of course, takes place to the accompaniment of a swelling score, enough to distract from the implausibility of the situation, or for that matter, the irony that Gere's character in fact places his life willfully into the hands of his attractive female attorney, and by default, the Chinese judicial system. So it comes as no surprise that when Shen (Bai Ling) professes regret that she never used to question authority, the glaring irony that the director seems to advocate a similar passive acceptance of the diegesis of his film's manipulations, gaping loopholes or petty contrivances are hard to ignore.

scott g (de) wrote: fom wim wenders, a sound recordist is asked to lisbon to help out a friend on his film, but when gets there, hes nowhere to be found, but carrys on with task regardless, taking in the city, and doing his job, getting to know some people who make him see things freshly, a interesting tale, where nothing much really happens, but its leisurly pace, pulls it along, lisbon is close to my heart after meeting my portuguese girlfriend, now my fiance. and seeing the city always cheers me up, a great place to be. not a film celebrating the city it is, but more the quiet side, shot in parts of the city, probely less known, but georgous all the same. some funny touching moments help this film a nice treat

Stuart M (ca) wrote: SPOILERS AHEADAbout the most pointless film I've ever seen. After a slow start that seems to be competing with 2001 for showing all of space bureaucracy, though not nearly as effectively or to any purpose, the plot finally kicks in about halfway through the film. There's another planet directly opposite ours that always stays on the opposite side of the sun. A crew is sent to explore it and promptly crashes only to find out they're mysteriously back on Earth. Gosh, I wonder where they could actually be. Could it possibly be an identical but opposite Earth?Admittedly this was made even more obvious since it was the plot of a Red Dwarf episode. It's a sad sad day when a TV comedy as silly as Red Dwarf can follow an idea through to its inevitable conclusion better than you can. Here the "differences" are idiotically simplistic and meaningless, like the fact that people are left-handed and write backwards. Hey, just like a mirror, get it? A mirror world? Isn't that clever! At least Red Dwarf added some interesting differences, like the fact that time was passing backwards. Worse yet we're expected to take this concept seriously here when five seconds' thought would show how dumb it is. And this mystery is the main conflict for the last forty minutes.And then everybody dies. No, I'm not even kidding about that. With no idea where to go once their boring revelation has been made they decide to simply kill off all the characters in an (admittedly pretty cool) explosion, except for one man who's shown years later in a retirement home recounting this story to a nurse. Note that this is the first time we have even a hint that this film is being told in flashback. Pathos? Mystery? Bah! And in a crowning moment of lameness that brings our film to its long overdue end, the old man sees his reflection in a mirror and charges at it in his wheelchair smashing into it and killing himself. Because it's a mirror world! Get it? Pretty clever, huh?I've never seen a film try so hard to be intelligent and thought-provoking without even having one single creative idea. This film is a waste of celluloid. Not even bad enough to be charmingly awful, except in the final minutes. Avoid.

Coryn M (jp) wrote: I understand that this is a popular movie, and I can totally see why so many people like it, but personally I just don't. Don't get me wrong, I love the premise. It's the characters that kill it for me. They're all so one dimensional and shallow that I find myself rooting for the ghosts

Wes S (nl) wrote: While things like shadows and bumps can be scary, the movie ruins it by adding in so many cheesy elements. Some points are plain laughable, and the ending is garbage. A silly film, which appears to be highly overrated.