Wild Stallion

Wild Stallion

A young orphan grows into adulthood, all the while searhing for his beloved white horse that disappeared years earlier.

Young Dan Light (Orley Lindgren), an orphan, is taken in hand by Johnny Wintergreen (Edgar Buchanan),hunter of wild horses for selling to the U. S. cavalry. Dan's grief over the death of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wild Stallion torrent reviews

Steve M (ru) wrote: I saw this on Demand before release. Really boring movie about selfish emotionally reatarded young adults whor treat their Mother like crap. Very unrealistic settings and logisitcs. Did not like any of the characters or care what happened to them. don't waste your time

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Cuba gooding jr is a hit man hired by 2 rival gangs and gets caught in the middle. It's not great.

Cody M (ag) wrote: A hard and captivating movie that fills up with tragedy and warmth and punches you with it. Eddie Marsen as proved to me in the past few years just how underrated he is and if i had a say in it this would be his "break out" role.

Chris D (nl) wrote: A romantic comedy that has a few memorable characters and unique subplots...I thought Gervais did a decent job.

Alejandro U (fr) wrote: Para ser quebeca, esta buena!

p f (de) wrote: one of my favorites! RIP to my favorite animation director brain, Satoshi Kon!

Byron H (us) wrote: Good idea for a movie - poorly executed.


Sergio O (mx) wrote: Sometimes it's OK to miss the forest for the trees. The critics back in 1983 who complained about too many dance scenes should have stopped to admire how gorgeously seductive those dance scenes truly are.

Bernie M (kr) wrote: Very very very dumb, but pretty funny. Somehow more shocking then Bruno, and somehow more awkward. Not as funny, but still good. I can see why some people didn't like this movie, it can be pretty over the top. I could handle it though, and I had a few good laughs.