Wilhelm Reich in Hell

Wilhelm Reich in Hell

'Law and Order’ on acid and in Hell–only Robert Anton Wilson could conjure a courtroom punk rock drama blending Marilyn Monroe, the Marquis de Sade, Gurdjieff, the American Medical Association (aka the world’s greatest rock band) and the HORROR of the condition on planet Earth. Wilhelm Reich, infamous Austrian-American psychoanalyst and researcher, whose books were burned by Hitler, Stalin and the U.S. government, finds himself again accused of Thoughtcrime. Offered a final attempt to free mankind from its “emotional plague,” Reich leads his own defense amid a surreal and frightening spectacle of sex, violence, fascism and liberation.

'Law and Order' on acid and in Hell - only Robert Anton Wilson could conjure a courtroom punk rock drama blending Marilyn Monroe, the Marquis de Sade, Gurdjieff, the American Medical ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (de) wrote: I liked it. Funny, no-brainer action-comedy. Good times!

Thomas K (es) wrote: Cute movie. Liked the characters and the weird monkey vrs moonman scenes.

Paul P (it) wrote: The idea of a "movie about the making a movie based on a novel about trying to write a novel" is brilliant and the execution of that idea is perfect. The collaboration of Boyce and Winterbottom is once again a sublime pairing of direction and screenplay for them. All the performances are great but Coogan and Brydon take the cake. The movie is bookend with hilarious scenes of them trying to one-up each other. I could have easily had another 15-30 minutes of this but it's better to be wanting more than to get too much. A Cock and Bull Story is a movie you can come back to over and over and still laugh at.

Countess N (jp) wrote: This movie is so bad that i only watched it last week and i have already forgotten what it was about....???

Cthonus C (jp) wrote: Any film with Tilda Swinton in it is guaranteed to be (a) interesting and (b) thought-provoking. This is fairly interesting and slightly thought-provoking

Brian B (gb) wrote: Horrifying look into that world.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Good historical military drama.The true story of Carl Brashear, the first African-American master diver in the US Navy, and the first amputee diver. Shows his training, and the opposition he faced.Interesting movie. Shows the courage and determination it took for Brashear to make it as a diver. Feels a bit flat otherwise, though: the story is told in fairly join-the-dots fashion and there is very little emotional attachment to the characters. Character development is reasonably shallow.Solid performances from Cuba Gooding Jr and Robert De Niro in the lead roles.

Hugo C (it) wrote: Weak narration. not convincing.

Eric R (fr) wrote: If you look closely at the film credits one will find a few things to raise any film fans eyebrows. The urban violence plotline is written and produced by usually family friendly Robert Zemekis (Back to the Future, Polar Express) and directed by tough-man film expert Walter Hill. Zemekis and Hill together? Mix that with a cast that includes Bill Paxton and Ice Cube and you have a bizarre liquor that will make any drunk take at least one shot.Our plot opens with two redneck firefighters (Paxton & Sadler) who are given a treasure a map by a man trapped in a burning building who then commits suicide (which is a very bizarre, almost unintentionally funny sequence). Doing research they find the guy stole a shit load of gold from a catholic church and hid it in a factory... the only problem is that the factory is now abandoned and located in a very dangerous section of St. Louis. While looking for the gold, Paxton witness a gang murder and gang leader King James (Ice-T) and his posse trap them a room (with King James' brother as a hostage) and it's a tense struggle to get out alive, with the treasure of gold if possible.Walter Hill's direction is the strong point of this film as he makes are rather simple story tense and suspenseful. He also crafts a lot of claustrophobia by having most of the major sequences take place within the confines of the abandoned factory's walls. I also dug some of Hill's hand-held black and white shots from the gang camera which also added to the tension. The colorful cast is great especially Ice-T and William Sadler. Sadler never got any respect as an actor and it's a damn shame as he plays the money hungry down-on-his luck burnt-out firefighter wonderfully. He made me believe he was willing to kill anybody in order to get his gold. Paxton, on the other hand, tended to annoy me. That's a damn shame also as I usually like Paxton. I can't blame him as it could be how his character is written and his portrayal and character is just wishy washy. I also wasn't impressed with Art Evans' vagrant and his character spent most of the film tied up in a chair spotting off profanity. The film would have been much more suspenseful if it was only up to the wits of Sandler and Paxton without this leftover character shouting from a chair.Despite some character issues and a thin plot I found this "two worlds collide" action film to have plenty of edge of your seat sequences and a likable cast. Some of the serious sequences can come out a little campy but thankfully Trespass came out better than most of Hill's other late 80's and early 90's action outings, namely "Red Heat" and "Another 48 Hrs."

Kyle B (ru) wrote: Thrilling, especially those first 10 minutes. Daniel Day Lewis gives a Daniel Day Lewis performance aka a spectacular performance. The direction was nice too

Rodney W (gb) wrote: What is not to love. Epic describes this in one word