William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare


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Cor L (us) wrote: As good as it gets when you can never beat the original movie.

Tom C (ru) wrote: A well-acted, atmospheric film that is, unfortunately, let down by its own schizophrenic nature. It begins seeming like a thriller, but ends up as a melodrama. Had it dedicated itself to one or the other, it would have been an excellent film, but the attempt to change tracks resulted in its derailment. For a more solid movie with the two male leads, check out Chungking Express.

Rena T (kr) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining, although somewhat cliche story...didn't see the Broadway show, therefore I think this movie is for those who didn't see that first. I found myself immersed in the songs of jazz.

Julie K (ca) wrote: A great George Burns movie, laughed so hard I cried.

Felipe S (ru) wrote: I've enjoyed this one, despite being so predictable.

Pedro C (mx) wrote: Great drama, well executed.

Chris R (ag) wrote: Allen creates a person, a character, a back-story and a life while parodying history and the media, and at the same time asking interesting questions about the human condition all in the space of 80 minutes. Fascinating from start to finish and it's left me slightly in love with Leonard Zelig and Allen's mastery of film technique. It's memorising and may well be the directors best work.