Willow Creek

Willow Creek

A young couple ventures into the woods to capture footage of the elusive Bigfoot.

A man (Bryce Johnson) and his girlfriend (Alexie Gilmore) camp in the woods to capture firsthand evidence of Bigfoot, only to fall into something much deeper, darker, and queasier. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heaten S (mx) wrote: The fights are amazing

Greg S (de) wrote: A boy with a literally deadly fastball grows up to become a vigilante, is imprisoned, and is blackmailed into playing on the jailhouse baseball squad despite the fact that he has sworn never to use the fatal pitch again. This grossout gore comedy has a cheap, rushed, "that's good enough" feel about it, and with the incoherent plot and jokes about puke-eating and body cavity searches, it seems to have been written by a team of particularly immature twelve-year-old boys during breaks on the playground.

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A E (ru) wrote: Although it has good animation, the film simply isn't as good as the other BIONICLE Films. It does have some very impressive action sequences in its very long climax, so it gets points for that.

i C (de) wrote: 4,5/10scary movie franchise getting down hill

Stefan G (es) wrote: It doesn't start out as a very bad movie, but as it progresses towards its final act, the plot becomes increasingly less enjoyable. Of course, this is what happens when you try and redo the same old Dracula tale for the year 2000, while adding unnecessary symbolic connections with the death of Jesus. The actors themselves aren't bad, their acting is could have used some practice. Also, I find it hard to believe that it's a horror movie when it's structured more like an action movie, kind of like what the movie Blade would be like if it didn't have much action scenes at all. The fact that this movie got a cult following is actually bizarre, though in all fairness, the film-makers were at least trying to make a good movie. Of course, there's trying, and then there's falling flat on your ass.

Kevin M (us) wrote: Interesting storyline and great actors. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, so you feel okay overlooking some over-the-top situations that come up. The ending is not the best, but not bad enough to negate the goodness of the rest of the movie. The British slang words just makes things that much more fun.

Kyle H (es) wrote: American Cyborg is a heartwarming tale of forbidden robot on human love. The part of the story where the killer robot hunts down his blond human girlfriend for running off with their baby speaks about the deepness of the human soul... This is a terrible movie. Bad music, bad costume design and hair... Though there are sweet mustaches involved. The only time where it is OK to watch this is when you are high and it is on a Spanish speaking network. I only gave it a 20% due to the criteria stated above.

Thomas K (ag) wrote: A beautiful film that Hoskins should have won best actor for.

Roxanne B (it) wrote: Taking my son, I hope..though Bootise might be a competitor.

Daniel V (au) wrote: No this movie is not good but it is wonderful! I have always been a huge Warwick Davis fan from Jedi to the Ewok movies and of course the seriously underrated Willow! I was so happy to see this movie in 1993, got a free comic book(which I still have!) as did my brother and cousins, then we preceded to all fall in love with Jennifer Aniston. It's because of this, I started watching Friends. Flipping through the channels one October evening I stopped on this show and yelled, "Hey! The cute funny girl from Leprechaun!!!" Who knew it would become my favorite show ever?! Anyway, this movie falls in in the so bad its good category. It's a ton of fun. Warwick is charming even when he's an evil little murdering mythical creature. Love ya WARWICK!

Ann C (de) wrote: Steve McQueen as Papillon is sent to the French Guyana prison camp on Devil's Island for murder. On the road he makes friends Louis Dega, a counterfeiter, and their friendship lasts quite a long time, this proves that this is the only thing that makes 2 men to hang on to as the long years of captivity.McQueen and Hoffman are excellent, director Franklin J. Schaffner creates an great atmosphere in the prison as well as in the jungle.

Kelsey L (jp) wrote: Humans are Bastards: The Movie. It was good, but made me feel terrible about humanity.

cody f (mx) wrote: This film is kind of all over the place and with Monty and Kazan at the helm it's a big disappointment. I like the idea of the story and it had some potential, but they had to ruin it by adding a love story and civil rights story. Monty works for the government in the 30's and their about to build a dam and flood the Tennessee Valley. This is for the sake of progress and everyone has agreed to move except for stubborn Jo Van Fleet and it's Monty's job to get her out. That would be a fine story,but throw in a strange love story with the beautiful Lee Remick and town folk upset because blacks and whites are getting the same pay is too much for one movie. At times this film shines,but goes off subject too many times. It looks great, good acting, and has one of the strangest fight scenes I have ever seen.