Wind Chill

Wind Chill

Two college students share a ride home for the holidays. When they break down on a deserted stretch of road, they're preyed upon by the ghosts of people who have died there.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   ghost,   ambulance,  

Two college students share a ride home for the holidays. When they break down on a deserted stretch of road, they're preyed upon by the ghosts of people who have died there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (jp) wrote: Docudrama about the enigmatic Golfer. Worth a watch

Li O (ca) wrote: Very reminiscent of the Before / After Sunset /Sunrise series, only artier, grittier and in black and white.

Stephen C (ag) wrote: A jumbled mess that is style over substance.

Winnie W (au) wrote: Fighting scene not intense as should be in thai kick boxing arena. Admiration to people who believes in themselve and fight for their beliefs.

Leonardo Malacay S (au) wrote: Inglaterra que tienes que me encantas? una peli hermosa super bien actuada y musicalizada de una manera maravillosa, una mas sobre drogas con un final predecible pero que deja tranquilo aunque no necesariamente todas las historias acaben igual

Vadim D (gb) wrote: It's a solid movie. Enjoyable, but feels very improbable and filled with Hollywood cliches. It would have been great to have more interaction between Redford and Pitt, but the politics are fun drama to watch unfold. But in the end, while it's fairly smart writing, it's just another spy thriller with nothing new to offer.

Richard C (it) wrote: It succeeds at creating enough tension to justify our reasons to care about the film, but the frustrating and ambiguous end result and frequent tendency to build something up only for it to fall into a relatively mediocre feature leaves us wondering where the film went wrong in telling the story. The actors, specifically Oldman, are convincing and good to watch, but for the cast involvement and the story that it promised, one cannot leave the film without feeling somewhat used and that is not what should have been done with this film. Far from bad, but very far from the great film it had potential to be.

Sylvester E (es) wrote: I really liked this film.

Philip T (de) wrote: Most definitely not everyone's cup of tea but to me the definitive Visconti masterpiece; the arch-romantic's personal collapse (Berger's lip quivers almost as much as Sue-Ellens) resonates with the wider societal collapse (as mittel Europa descends into Bismarckian militarism). Plus a soundtrack to die for ...

Billie W (mx) wrote: Wacky. Fun things done with color, but only the second-best Japanese movie about sadistic whores I've watched today.

Art S (jp) wrote: Kurosawa's relatively light-hearted follow up to Yojimbo (1961) sees Mifune's character (who identifies only as "thirty-something" with an obviously fake family name) intervening in a struggle against corrupt officials who have tried to divert blame onto an innocent but blunt colleague. As before, Sanjuro seems to take on the mission on a lark to thwart boredom but really we know he is all about social justice deep down. Here he takes the role of sarcastic but caring mother hen as he uses his matter-of-fact wiles to help nine nave young men take down the bad guys. Of course, the opposition also has their own "sword without a sheath" in the form of Tatsuya Nakadi and in the end, there must be a battle between these two ronin, reasonably good and self-identified as bad. Before that, there is much bloodshed (naturally) albeit peppered with comic moments. Observant viewers will note Kurosawa's expertise in framing multiplayer shots and, of course, action. MinorKurosawa perhaps, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Panta O (jp) wrote: Described as a film noir drama directed by Gordon Douglas, I expected something with a substance... petty that all it had was a propaganda machine from guys who are even better in doing things they accuse others of... but as the main character Mark Cvetic (Frank Lovejoy) said ,"(I) had the brains to see this slimy thing to what it is." The film was based on a series of stories written by Matt Cvetic that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, and those stories were later turned into a best-selling book and radio series. It seems that most of the communists in America were simple thugs, racist, vindictive, and tools of a totalitarian foreign power, the Soviet Union - but that is with a reason. This film and radio show are, in part, artefacts of the McCarthy era, as well as a time capsule of American society during the Second Red Scare. The purpose of both are partly to "warn" people about the threat of Communist "subversion" of American society. The movie is really over-acted ultra-patriotic, very similar of what was made in Germany just few years before the World War II started. The story follows Cvetic, who infiltrated a local Communist Party cell for nine years and reported back to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on their activities. Frank Lovejoy wasn't too bad, but I just cannot stand unnatural dialogue and robotic acting which was shown by most of the actors including Dorothy Hart, Philip Carey, and James Millican. Think and tell me... which political party leadership members are not cynical opportunists, racists who are interested only in seizing power on behalf of their party and not in improving social and labour conditions not just in the U.S. but anywhere in the world? Which political group will not exploit ethnic tensions to get their way? I haven't witnessed one yet! There are honest people in all these groups but they never become leaders - they are just sheep for the wolves in a sheep skin. And it was always like that. Well, I look at this propaganda as an offence for those honest people, doesn't matter on which side they belonged. Thanks to my friend who recommended this, and I am glad I saw it - but for the different reasons - I am glad and at the same time very sad that I could realize how huge hatred could be towards fellow brothers and sisters because they just have different way of thinking.