A rock star (Nicole Kidman) falls for a rich man's son (Tom Burlinson) who competitively board-sails the coast of Western Australia.

PC Simpson is an enthusiastic surfer. With the help of his father's company's engineer Howard he develops a high tech surf board for the coming world surf championship. But then he falls in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Windrider torrent reviews

Mike J (fr) wrote: Great movie. Some great memories of back in the day. Great footage of the early days.

Joetaeb D (it) wrote: A small budget sci-fi thriller with big ideas, Europa report focuses on the science behind the action to attain the brain of the watcher, and succeeds at being a much more intellectual story than most.

Sutthirak P (it) wrote: Repetitive routine of the father and daughter on the last six days of their world was overlong, boring and haunting but not all uninteresting. The production setting, including wind, and cinematography were great.

Robert R (us) wrote: As long and tedious as it may get, I never checked out of "The Five-Year Engagement's" endlessly entertaining story. The lovably adorable couple at the film's center - as well shockingly funny humor throughout - elevates this indie-esque comedy above the droll nature of its cohorts.

Yannick D (jp) wrote: Spanning more than two decades the story isn't exactly compact. And yet, the direction is so seamless and the acting so incredibly good the only issue even the biggest cynic could come up with are some iffy make-up effects. Nuanced and powerful - an astonishing piece of work.

Kim S (fr) wrote: This one REALLY got to me. Hopefully due to the strange love thing... Probably because of the sleeping/psychic issues. Either way... check it out.

Mythreyi M (br) wrote: Mr.Benegal comes up with another riveting tale.I personally was attracted by the character of Sardari Begum herself,not your stereotypical moral centric woman but you identify with her!

Leigh R (mx) wrote: It was okay. Wouldn't watch it again though.

Jimmy C (es) wrote: Used to scare me as a kid.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: The whole film is a whodunnit: are the Amish evil or misunderstood? Has the farmers wife gone mad? Then Sharon Stone turns up and keeps dreaming of spiders, and it's pathetically obvious who the killer is. The best thing to do is read the DVD cover, skip to the bathtub bit, and then watch the last ten minutes.

Bill B (de) wrote: Okay, so I went into this hoping for something horror-centric for my month of October, but it was a bit too art-house and boring for me, with only the final directors' installment being of any real interest to me by the time it was all said and done.Rental? For you completists?

Greg W (us) wrote: good sixties art house pic

Joao De B (kr) wrote: Hoje peguei numa velha VHS e enquanto almoava vi este filme! Bom suspense no gnero de avioes "hijacked" por terroristas... Tem o Kurt Russel de fato e lacinho o filme todo, e tem uma das mortes mais inesperadas do cinema de acao: deve ser o unico filme em que o Steven Seagal, no lado dos bons, morre. Opa, e o John Leguizamo pode fazer os filmes que quiser, que para mim vai ser sempre o Luigi do filme do Super Mario!

Julien G (gb) wrote: ?a casse pas des briques mais qu'est-ce que c'est drole putain! Le visage de Steven Seagal est toujours aussi expressif!

Dean E (ca) wrote: Well this was just terrible. Thankfully, I could find humour in its awfulness.

Jacob W (br) wrote: (May contain spoilers) Poorly adapted as well as poorly cast.The first complaint is the adaptation. I hate to say it, but this would have faired better at around the 2 to 3 hour mark to tell this Noir story. In the game the valkyr junkies are sent to Max Paynes home to test the effects of the drug on some junkies. They were expierimenting with the it in an urban setting. This is found out in Part three of the game a bit closer to heaven. Furthermore Ludacris playing Jim Bravura in my eyes was Hollywood at p.c peak performance. Jim Bravura is one Fat and pasty, two only appears in newcasts throughout the game, and finally catches up to Payne at the end right after he destroys Nicole Hornes Helicopter. Furthermore the scene where max is drugged is basically thrown in for flair as originally it is Mona Sax that drugs Max first after they meet pursuing Jack Lupino (a henchman of Punchinello).Then a second time when Nicole Horne and her commandos catch up with Max at the Punchinello manner. It would have been nice to see the actual Gogniti chase,or the blood trail sequence nightmare Max has in the valkyr induced state. All this is the tip of the iceberg for myself, just a sloppy rushed adaptation all flair it completley trashed the substance the games story had;just a bunch of themes smashed together. Now in short is the second problem. It was the casting of Wahlberg as well he just doesent fit the role , and if im correct he is from Massachusetts and Max from Ny im not sure if that was joke or somethingl,but meh avoid this hot trash.

Darrin C (de) wrote: Ha, now this is what I was referring to. More cartoonish characters with a cast comeback of a few others from the prior Friday.