Jayaram and Bhavana takes the lead roles as Dr. Ramdas and his wife in the film. Dr. Ramdas is leading medical practitioner in Hyderabad. Fed up with the fast-paced city life, Ramdas and his wife decide to move to a quiet bungalow on the outskirts of the city. Dr. Ramdas, his wife and their two kids are thrilled with the move to a bigger house. Their excitement is short-lived, though. What they encountered there and how it affected their lives in portrayed in the movie. There are some scary stories read out by the villagers to them. Dr Ramdas and his wife get scared and his wife asks to move from that scary house but ramdas don't believe them very much. Their children gets trapped in the hands of a child-eater. the child-eater eats kids, children and poor babies etc. Mrs Ramdas gets scared and calls the police to see a dead man found in another house.

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Marina A (nl) wrote: Though traditional in its approach to the story, employing talking head interviews with archival footage, Joe Berlinger's Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger is memorable because of the necessary shift in story telling as the events unfold.I like these type of documentaries that are forced to adapt to new circumstances but that, and the story itself, are the only memorable things about Berlinger's documentary. Interesting enough.

Patrick W (ru) wrote: It had SOME good and reliable information, but at the same time it was very vegan-biased and offered almost no opposing opinions.


James M (ru) wrote: Easily one of the worst films I've ever seen. Apparently the ability to act wasn't a necessary requirement to be in the film, nor it seems did the writer need to be able to actually write a story. For 20 minutes the main character spoke out loud everything she was doing or thinking (and she didnt even do that convincingly) and clearly the director had just watched the Grudge as every 'scare' was a cheap and badly executed imitation. That said, it was redeeming for laugh out loud value especially Rebecca De Mornays washed up rock singer/alcoholic/abusive mother delivering some of the worst 'drunk' acting Ive ever had the misfortune of seeing!

Kenneth B (gb) wrote: This was my second time watching Martyrs. The first time around I wasn't particularly moved, however with the remake having recently surfaced I figured it was worth revisiting the original. Martyrs is brutal but the violence isn't cartoonish as it is in films like Human Centipede and A Serbian Film. It is grounded in a very real setting, ultimately making this a gruelling experience but one with sufficient depth make it stay in the mind after the credits have rolled. For the right reasons too. It is a revenge story told primarily from the perspective of a survivor of severe childhood trauma, however the tone flips about midway through and takes some surprising turns. It all culminates with one of the most memorable final acts in modern horror.

Megan L (de) wrote: Despite not liking K-Stew.... I love Joan

James K (kr) wrote: Every time I see this movie I laugh SO hard!

Eliabeth B (fr) wrote: Nice movie, Barry Watson is soooooooooo hot :)

Nils H (gb) wrote: Turrible, turrible turrible turrible

Richard B (ca) wrote: I watched this on Netflix and even though I had low expectations this wasn't very good. I was hoping the solid cast would make this film enjoyable and that maybe it was over shadowed by This Is The End. Anna Kendrick, who I really like does her best and Craig Robinson is funny, although over the top, and the rest of the cast is okay with their small roles. Overall a watchable comedy at best.

007 W (us) wrote: Toy story is kind of a masterpiece this is definitely and will always be the best Pixar movie, it's got a great animation great characters a fantastic story script and fantastic riding everything in this movie is fantastic it's a masterpiece, 10/10