Winter in Rio torrent reviews

Vinay M (de) wrote: Director Shoojit Sircar's Madras Caf embraces the same vivid, political thriller stylings of Ben Affleck's Oscar winner Argo, albeit in the service of a fictional but no less compelling narrative.

Alison P (ca) wrote: As an attorney, the denial of the defendants' rights was both frightening and nauseating. Abbie Hoffman is always an exciting character to experience. It was cool to see the trial experience in animation after delving into the topic for a civil disobedience themed law review article. I recommend following this film with The Weather Underground to learn more about civil unrest and the constitutional right to peacefully protest.

Deborah M (br) wrote: aaahhhh Lewis black, you ole jewish devil you! LOL!

Nirav P (it) wrote: Brilliant action movie, Each second counts as there are just dus(ten) days for this team to figure out what's going to happen. Come watch this amazing team catch the worst villian of them all. Abhishekh just rox...

Brett C (au) wrote: SPOILER ALERT!The hell?Masked and Anonymous is about a worn down musical manager (John Goodman) putting on a benefit concert in order to get his fictional country out of a civil war/dictatorship. His singer is a washed up forgotten legend man named Jack Fate (Bob Dylan.) A reporter against the dictatorship (Jeff Bridges) pelt Jack Fate with questions about his view on the dictatorship in order to influence other people about ending the tyranny of their country.The only reason this film got any stars is because of John Goodman and Jeff Bridges' exceptional performances. Everything else.....sucked.Bob Dylan, now around 60 when the movie was filmed couldn't sing nor hold a tune. He couldn't act. He had the same facial expression throughout the whole film. If a face is like a symphony, Bob's face was just one note. He was not enthusiastic at all and when acted, sounded like he was in a middle school film club movie. When Dylan played at a little bar, (this was his re-discovery scene), he was singing like he had just smoked a few thousand packs. He was basically croaking. The audience members at the bar were drinking and talking to each other, when Jack Fate started to sing they were moved and in awe of this "croaky" sound. The hell? If I ever hear this from a singer at a bar, I wouldn't start crying because his voice was an inspiration, I'd start crying because I would think he was dying.Later in the film, Fate has a meltdown and pretty much runs away for a while. While sitting on a set of stairs, to "find himself" per se, a white man wearing black face appeared on the top of the steps. The hell? He just randomly gives Jack advice and goes away. On the commentary, this was supposed to be a metaphor or symbolic to the random things that happened in Fate's life, but to be honest with you, I was cracking up. It wasn't symbolic, it was just plain stupid.Nearing the end of the film, John Goodman, who is an alcoholic but it never gets talked about in the film, he is just always drinking, is almost killed by Bridges, for no reason, and later, Bridges gets killed by Fate's friend, for no reason. The hell? Fate gets blamed for it, for no reason, and goes to jail.Yeah, the film sucked.

Evan M (ag) wrote: Obviously a pioneer being the first fully animated movie but providing less effort on the humor front, Toy Story innovates an original idea but wastes it on a main character who feels too mean-spirited.

Chris B (us) wrote: In my opinion one of the all time great films. The perfect blend of comedy, suspense, action and drama which is made even better that it is based on a True Story. Hanks leads the cast superbly as Jim Lovell and this is one of the performances that defines his fantastic career. The score is also fantastic and really builds the suspense at key moments. The use of music during the re-entry scene is second to none.

Sarfara A (br) wrote: El Dorado Dir: Howard Hawks Starring: JOHN WAYNE, Robert Mitchum, James Caan What else could you expect, when forces like Howard Hawks, and John Wayne meet together? Definitely 'Brilliance' 'Gem' whatever word out there exists to justify their immense influence over western movies. Based on the novel The Stars in Their Courses by Harry Brown. Howard Hawks' cowboys are neat clean and tidy, but here you cannot outwit Hawks, when he has dirtied character played by Robert Mitchum as drunk Sheriff. John Wayne, is average, but despite the fact that he has lived long, he has gained experience to muster his witty tactics to avoid being shot, by hidden nemesis, he is careful, always alert. Robert Mitchum, played his role, decisively, he knew what Hawks wanted from him. At the mid of movie, you happen to realize his humor-filled performance. James Caan's typifies his youngster role, and he is just filling the gap. I liked the set-designing, I have always been careful to praise and to notice set-designing in western movies; since this genre comes in top favorite list of genres I like the most. I loved set of old gaol, saloons, meal-house, and goldsmith shop. I found lighting, to have adjusted the theme of plot of movie. A brilliant work on brilliant western movie!

Ryan V (ag) wrote: Col. Carruthers (Marshall Thompson) is a space pioneer arrested when he turns out to be the only survivor of his stranded expedition on Mars. He claims that a horrific space monster killed the rest of his crew, but his "rescue team" is incredulous until they notice a beastly stowaway on their rocket ship. It! The Terror From Beyond Space tries to be a suspenseful horror movie, but it's dogged by goofy dialogue, dated special effects, and a monster costume that's lame even by the standards of 1958. It's not much more than a dusty keepsake of its era, but this film may hold some entertainment value for the "so bad it's good" crowd.

Allan C (br) wrote: The folks who brought you "A Fish Called Wanda" made this decent but inferior follow-up. The cast is, of course, terrific, but it just didn't seem quite as funny or madcap as it's predecessor. It's definitely worth watching for Cleese or Wanda fans, but it's definitely not up to "A Fish Called Wanda" hilarity.

Josh X H (it) wrote: Nothing that memorable, but good enough for annual Christmas fare.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: Making your film as reserved and introverted as the main character is not big or clever.