Winter Visitor

Winter Visitor

This is the story of Ariel Lambert, a twenty year old, who is advised to rest in a quiet place after a psychiatric episode. He moves together with his mother and sister to Villa Mar, small ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Winter Visitor 2008 full movies, Winter Visitor torrents movie

This is the story of Ariel Lambert, a twenty year old, who is advised to rest in a quiet place after a psychiatric episode. He moves together with his mother and sister to Villa Mar, small ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julie S (es) wrote: A surprise of a movie. Had never heard of it; got it on Cox "on demand." It's a gem.

Cameron L (us) wrote: Filled with the glaring continuity errors of an amateur production, and featuring the acting vacuum that is olivia munn, Insanitarium can only be enjoyed by devout fans of Peter Stormare. Oh yeah, Carla Gallo's in there too.

Ann L (it) wrote: STARTING OUT IN THE EVENING Edgy but drawn out and slow in some places. An awkward drama dealing with a number of serious personal issues for its ensemble cast. Contains some uncomfortable moments. Presumes a sophisticated audience. The film will provoke strong emotions from the viewer. Frank Langella was outstanding as the aging writer trying hard to make a comeback with his fourth and last novel, attempting to make the best of an unusual opportunity that has been presented to him. Lili Taylor was excellent as the flippy but bright graduate student working on her master's thesis. I also liked Lauren Ambrose and Adrian Lester.

Michael N (au) wrote: There's a lot to love here. But Meg Ryan's Nicole Kidman impression kept pulling me out of the movie. It's definitely not the disaster of a film that most critics claimed.

Amanda C (it) wrote: This movie is old but funny!

Tabatha T (br) wrote: I liked it but the end was messed up.... I just watched it for the first time like a few weeks ago.

Nader B (it) wrote: Best sports movie I've ever seen. Rudy is an inspiration for everyone chasing their football dreams.

Rod A (gb) wrote: Vivid exploitation. The camera goes to "dangerous" and "brutal" locations with the intention of stunning the viewer into appreciating the comfortable life. I was reminded of a series like Faces of Death more than anything else. The narration attempts a philosophical exploration of human fears and foibles but, in the end, the director is just out to shock. That can't sustain for very long.

Allan C (de) wrote: Director Anthony Mann delivers another tough little film noir. Farley Granger is an average joe who decides to steal a large sum of money and then finds himself being chased down by mobsters. It's a tight story and Mann directed the film with style and doesn't waste any time telling it. A car chase at the end of the film is particularly thrilling, which was nicely done using real NYC locations.

John A (mx) wrote: cut the bullshit and just enjoy it for the simplicity, I loved it.

Anders A (gb) wrote: Macho action from Roddy Piper. Cool story, cool movie.. This is pure fun.

Mark V (mx) wrote: Not too bad for a small release film. The effects look decent, the acting is solid, and the plot is thin but enough to carry it along. I wasn't expecting much, and it's basically Terminator:Light, but there are worse ways to waste 1 1/2 hours.