A drama centered around Patty Montanari, the widowed mother of two who went to work for her lover Frank Russo, a captain in a Brooklyn crime family.

A drama centered around Patty Montanari, the widowed mother of two who went to work for her lover Frank Russo, a captain in a Brooklyn crime family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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REES R (jp) wrote: it may lack substance but it's still one fun action packed ride (with bad special affects along the way).

Mykel N (jp) wrote: Great documentary. You're going to love this if you're an Apple fanboy like myself.

Ross L (us) wrote: Dolph is too foreign looking to play a rough and tough Brooklyn solider. He did kick some serious ass though as usual.2009 Movies: 113

Heather M (es) wrote: This was an adorable chick flick. Using the father of the brides as the story teller was a great addition to move the story along.

Pandu H (jp) wrote: I was lucky enough to be able to see one of Hou's films at the special screening 'The Films of Hsiao-hsien Hou' at AFI Silver Spring. This particular piece is a tribute to Ozu, who was known as a master of capturing and transferring 'everyday-domestic' life into captivating movies. For the storyline Hou uses Ozu's trademark inter generation conflict with careful observation on how different generation reacts to the issue. However, Hou has his own marks all over this film including how he evokes sympathy, humanity of the characters through use of gestures with minimal dialogue.

George W (au) wrote: Engaging, compassionate tale of addiction and rehabilitation. Title is a quote from The Velvet Underground's "Heroin". Its a simple story, well told, the characterisations and dialogue are lifted from life. One of the best films I have seen. Perhaps the movie industry could learn from this. Why spend 100's of millions of some formulaic, cliched popcorn seller when you could give a hundred first time film makers the means to make something original. We may not get 100 films as good as Jesus Son, but I'd bet at least half would be worth watching and most would be better than the std Hollywood product.

Michael D (us) wrote: it's interesting to see how a period drama can be so modern and fresh. if only all costume films could be so clever and genuine. beautiful on every level.

Johann M (ru) wrote: 3 Stars! A classic film of the 90's decade. It is a tender and hilarious story starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a role that gave her the Golden Globe for Best Actress and even an Oscar nomination. It is really like a more mature and modern Cinderella-like fairy tale.

Jamie G (kr) wrote: This is one of the BEST campy horror films in existence. The mix of characters are quite memorable as is the well-paced decent into general "dead dude" chaos. Director J. Riffel has done a wonderful job blending apparent "bad acting," schlocky effects and an overall "goofy" plot.

Francis M (jp) wrote: Better than it looks, young man with a rare disability keeps him away from normality and the story is good enough to hold to the end.

Eric C (us) wrote: This film shows the crime that was the First World War. My Dad was an extra in this film.

Brett C (kr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:City Lights was an endearing film, telling the romance of the lowly tramp and a blind woman with pure heart and sweetness. Behind that romance was comedic elements that is present to create a sense of balance; allowing it to not only appeal the minds of women but also men. The Gold Rush seems to feature the same ingredients that make up City Lights but the execution and direction from Chaplin is much greater.When I dive into a silent film, it always makes me nervous as I never know whether or not I would be able to appreciate the styles used at the time and whether the story would even engage me. So far, I have been fortunate to view silent films that have engaged me and have grown my faith for this era of cinema; even the short Roscoe Arbuckle films. I had two options in seeing Chaplin's The Gold Rush, either in its re-edited 1942 version that features sound or the original 1925 silent film. I was unsure which of the two was considered to be the better release as I am quite ignorant of Chaplin's works and history, but I ultimately just decided to go with the earliest release.The Gold Rush is a much funnier film in comparison to City Lights, featuring sequences that are much more memorable and playful relationships between characters. The first section of this film deals with the idea of survival, requiring the fundamental needs but is forced inside of a cabin due to the raging snowy winds; the Lone Prospector tightly trapped with two other figures (Big Jim McKay and Black Larsen). As the feeling of hunger start to build, ideas like cannibalism and murder start to take over their minds; though dark, Chaplin keeps the tone playful, using slapstick and exaggerated comedy. This aspect of the film was by far the most memorable for me.The film then slightly shifts into the areas of romance and loneliness, digging deep into the character and drawing out sympathy from the audience. I thought this part was executed well, I felt a real sadness in the eyes of the Lone Prospector and the way he sets up Georgia and establish their relationship was done with smoothness and tenderness. However, when this relationship starts to build and we see shadings of Georgia's character that we haven't seen before, she starts to become unlikeable, and what is more frustrating is that as an audience, we are forced to be pleased with its cheerful ending. I personally felt she was not redeemed by the film's end and it did personally restrain me from giving this full praise. Though it is difficult to keep my eyes away from Georgia Hale's gorgeous looks.The bets quality of The Gold Rush is the music. I cannot say who composed the music for the 1925 version DVD release, but whoever it is, I bow down to your feet; it was such a treat to the ears and the emotions that the film tries to capture becomes amplified through the music and if I watched it at the right moment, I probably would have been broken in tears.So far, Chaplin has yet to disappoint and The Gold Rush is one of the director/writer/actor's finest films.

Private U (fr) wrote: AWESOME. Also, filmed in Hamilton, Ontario. Also awesome.

Esa L (kr) wrote: Klassinen noir-tyylin leffa, jossa yllttv tekij on, ett vaikeuksissa olevaa phenkil esitt usein femme fatalena synkistelev Barbara Stanwyck.