Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

A man desperately searches for his girlfriend on the Costa del Sol.

A man desperately searches for his girlfriend on the Costa del Sol. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faisal A (au) wrote: A tepid but pleasant comic satire, it's got some of the comic-noir-y small town murder plot and some male midlife crisis taking half-hearted jabs at suburban angst. Olivia Wilde probably never looked hotter, but the screenwriters lets the movie down by OD'ing on it's own smug sense of entitlement.

Barry W (it) wrote: Whatever, Disney. itwasactuallykindofenjoyable AHEM. Er, what did I say?

Geo B (jp) wrote: thoroughly believable and enjoyable. lots of quirky twists to all.

Liy P (nl) wrote: Not as good as the first

Martin K (au) wrote: Du Miike d'exploitation du milieu des annees 90 : des scenes sympas separees par un developpement poussif qui plombe le rythme. Riki Takeuchi fait une de ses (la?) premires apparitions dans un film de Miike avant pas mal de colaborations. Sinon bah des yakuzas, des scenes bien gratuites... En quelque sorte la formation bouillante du grand Miike des annes 2000. A reserver aux gros fans.(volontairement sans accents)

Lynn R (ca) wrote: After a very long series of so-so movies, via netflix at home, I finally found one that I really enjoyed and have thought about off and on all day. Face it, Patrick Swayze can act! He does a brilliant job of portraying a doctor, who becomes very disillusioned with his life and goes to Calcutta, India to find meaning of life. Through a series of mishaps, he ends up in the slums of Calcutta. Although the premise of the movie has been done many times, it is still enjoyable. The scenes of the main character, Hasari, pulling his rickshaw through the crowded streets of Calcutta will leave you breathless. The casting for this film was excellent. All characters were portrayed brilliantly. Must admit I chose to watch this film, due to the recent passing of Mr. Swayze, but it will definately be one that I add to my library.

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: A fun quirky 80s flick!

Nicole T (ag) wrote: Not a terrible movie, just not a great sequel to something as amazing as Rocky Horror. 3 stars

Greg W (us) wrote: OK comedy pairs Matthau and Hawn. my fave part of this one? the score by quincy jones

Bengt W (br) wrote: Charmiga relationsfrvecklingar p den soldrnkta italienska kusten, supersnyggt, vldigt tounge in cheek och ett par rejlt vrmande skratt. Rekommenderas helhjrtat.

Courtney J (ca) wrote: What people are failing to see in this modernized version of the story of "Carrie" is the anti-bullying message. Sure, not everyone has telekinesis (haha) and goes on a murderous rampage, but the message is there. The casting was excellent and the film stayed true to the novel as well as the original film. Moore nailed the role of the disturbed Margaret White, and Moretz gave new life to this classic horror character. It deserves more credit than people are willing to give it.

Adah S (nl) wrote: such a waste of time and money

Jared L (ca) wrote: Directed, written, produced by and starring Stephen Chow. With its unique blend of comedy and Kung Fu, Hustle might possibly be one of the best Karate/Kung Fu movies ever made. In the way that the special effects are noticed and still not enough to disrupt or discourage the fun the audience is having while watching goes to show how brilliant the choreography is executed. The use of what at first seems like the bitter old landlady and her weak husband as the antihero's that help discover the "chosen one" is refreshing in its celebration of those older Kung Fu stars as the heroes of the film instead of only the good looking young action star. The use of the classical music as the backdrop to such nutty and yet serious action sets is brilliant in its own special way. Take the time to appreciate the glory that is Kung Fu Hustle.

Kristal C (kr) wrote: I love this movie so much it's hard for me to even express my feelings in a rational manner - mostly, I just love this this film tries to show a young woman taking control of her own sexuality and not getting punished for it. That's super rare and much appreciated. I would have loved to have seen this as a teen.

Lacci C (jp) wrote: Love this movie. Reminds me of my Denny may he rest in peace

The Critic (es) wrote: A nicely animated adaptation of the popular, imaginative story by Roald Dahl.