Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled

Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled

The unspeakable evil of the soul-devouring djinn rises again in this fourth electrifying installment of the unstoppable Wishmaster horror legacy! But now, as a host of new victims see their most nightmarish wishes come true, the world faces the ultimate demonic terror: an onslaught of multiple djinns hell-bent on destroying everything in their path!

In this final sequel, the evil Djinn is unwittingly released by sweethearts Lisa and Sam. The Djinn takes the form of Sam's lawyer Steven Verdel who has a crush on Lisa. And Lisa's final wish is a real roadblock for Djinn: "I wish I could love you for who you really are." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled torrent reviews

Aaya K (us) wrote: adorable, touching, thorough... loved it

Stephanie L (gb) wrote: Poetic adaptation of the ruminative novel on survivor guilt. How do we come to terms with the trauma born of a terrible past? Like the fb relationship status says...it's complicated, but I'll dumb it down for ya. All you need is love...

Joshua A (fr) wrote: Absolutely terrible!

Mikeyy M (us) wrote: I love the action in this movie and Gerard Butlers performance, the only dull moment for me is the story telling but overall I think this is a well shot action packed film that I could watch again many times

Gerardo E (au) wrote: Una madre joven, Florencia, que no sabe hacer con su hija.Eugenia, su hija, que si sabe que hara siendo madre.Olga, una vecina o parte de la familia?Celina, crisis vocacional o vocacin de nada?Sara, abuela o marido?Lola, se qued sin nada o nunca tuvo?Cocaina y embarazo.Feminidad.Menstruacin y un parto.Aqu ninguna puede nada sola.Juntas pueden llegar a soar aunque sea algo.

Ryan S (us) wrote: This is one of my favorites and out of the million of movies I've seen, this one gets to me the most.

Yash B (gb) wrote: Weird version of the great sci fi classic. Impossible to understand unless you've read it. You've been warned. Doesn't really do the book any justice since it fails to capture the big ideas from it but it is a watchable trimmed down version of it.

Jlio A (gb) wrote: Filme interessante, poucos cenrios, mas curioso.Eu gostei.

Andreas O (us) wrote: Cute but fairly forgettable culture-clash comedy in the style of the 80s, even though it was technically made in the 90s. With a certain star power and some inspired writing, the entertainment value is pretty high. But in the end, it's another dime-a-dozen comedy of its time. Fun while it lasts, though.

Aussie C (ru) wrote: Its just one of those movies you got to watch.

Jonathan L (br) wrote: Ingenous and extremely underrated cult animated fantasy feature for adults is from producer George Lucas, this has always been a favorite of mine for years. I wish they would release it on DVD and check out this wonderful gem on Youtube in it's uncut glory.

jay n (ca) wrote: Typical blaxplotation flick of the '70's. Dobson is striking in the lead. Shelley Winters has her acting dial turned up to maximum consuming scenery at every turn.

Jerry F (kr) wrote: What a classic film. A 'must see' and for me another 'tear jerker'. I remember it from more than 40 years ago. And it's still an excellent watch. What a shame that they didn't teach me these social values in my school ! Every school teacher needs to watch this film, and learn. A fantastic theme tune by Lulu too.

Mary H (us) wrote: This, Wonderman, The Five Pennies, and Inspector General are my Danny Kaye favorites. The songs are hysterical!!!! Love the Lobby Number!

Chris R (es) wrote: It's certainly better than some official EON 007 films, but it ultimately just feels pointless and all the problems and controversies surrounding its creation just gives that feeling even more. It's still worth seeing for any Bond fan, but just be sure to take it all with a grain of salt.

Nikki M (kr) wrote: Subtle, quiet and simple but complicated post apocalyptic story. And Margot Robbie as a naive, sweet, trucker hat wearing country girl works.