Without Love

Without Love

In World War II Washington DC, scientist Pat Jamieson's assistant, Jamie Rowan, enters a loveless marriage with him. Struggles bring them closer together.

In World War II Washington DC, Jamie Rowan, enters a loveless marriage with scientist Pat Jamieson and becomes his assistant. Struggles bring them closer together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey H (mx) wrote: Anything by Danny Boyle

Adam P (jp) wrote: This movie is wonderful fun. It manages to be campy and extravagant while still being emotionally touching. Can I get a hurrah for the main actress. She is without a doubt (no offense) the ugliest film protagonist I have ever seen (more so than Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and she manages to be abundantly empathetic, joyful, and yes, sexy. Brilliant.

Alec B (ca) wrote: Its a slow, dreamlike thriller that's brilliantly executed by David Gordon Green. The ambiguity of the ending is rather marvelous as well and Philip Glass produced a great score for the film.

Stephy M (nl) wrote: it's clue but only for women!

Jill C (it) wrote: pretty good. a little trance-setting if you're already tired...

Benjamin S (kr) wrote: Solid performances from Penn and Walken, though the pacing is a bit slow.

Konrad R (fr) wrote: Not bad but sometimes boring..

Brian R (de) wrote: This early '70s thriller has a bit of a ho-hum premise - two British nurses come a cropper on a cycling holiday in France - but it's elevated by wonderful cinematography (the close-up work is particularly excellent), direction as taut and suspenseful as a brand new set of bongos, and some spot-on naturalistic performances. Pamela Franklin is tremendous as Jane. It builds nicely to a rather startling climax - who is the psychopath? Is it French Benedict Cumberbatch or the cop who looks like Serge Gainsbourg's brother? On the down side, I didn't like the jaunty title music which could have been an interlude from an On the Buses symphony. A rewarding, low-key film from the production team responsible for The Avengers. I'm sure it's a skillion times better than the American remake of a few years ago.

Renata D (mx) wrote: La escena de yo soy tu y tu eres yo entre el cura y el rabino... ni hablar

jeff m (nl) wrote: classic western movie

Katy C (de) wrote: Umm it's Cary Grant...

Noname (ru) wrote: Didnt like this as much as the other planet of the apes movies. This is the 4th one. Still a must see if u love this scifi serie of movies.

Ben R (es) wrote: Pretty middle of the road crime action who dunit kinda film. Focusing on uncover narc's and who killed a fellow undercover officer. Nothing too special but a decent enough watch.

Taija H (br) wrote: Aika lapsellinen ptk, ei juurikaan naurattanut. Juoni ei ollut ihan perinteist merirosvokamaa, vaan pyri pitklti mys tiedemaailmassa ja harvinaisen (sukupuuttoon itse asiassa jo kuolleen) dodo-linnun ymprill. Hauskinta ei ollutkaan juoni, vaan 1800-luvun Lontoo, sek "aidot" historialliset henkilt, kuten Charles Darwin, kuningatar Victoria ja Jane Austen. En katsoisi toista kertaa.

Larry H (ru) wrote: Great movie like most religion based movies that the general public will not give a fair chance by watching.