Wobble: The Weight of the Truth

Wobble: The Weight of the Truth

In a world gone soft and flabby, the greatest threat to humanity’s survival isn’t global warming, but a wobble in the earth’s rotation caused by the excess weight America has gained in the form of obesity and useless consumer junk. Now, audacious lone crusader Grant Fitzgerald (Scott A. Evans) runs for president of the United States to expose the truth about this menace.

Earth is nearing catastrophe. America has finally pushed the planet to tipping point, launching the world's rotation into a wobble of impending doom. To save the planet, Grant races for the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob D (au) wrote: I'm not ashamed is one of the worst movies I have seen in a while, I HATE THIS STUPID MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andres G (it) wrote: Story about Opus Dei's founder which advocates his work through a much incoherent parallel story of the crimes committed during the Spanish Civil War and the today's stormy relationship of a son and his father.Most of the performing is pretty bad, maybe also empowered by the clear difficulties that many of the Spanish actors have to do so in English, their strong accent when speaking and the grandiloquent dialogues and monologues in the script.

Andrew B (au) wrote: Not a film for everybody, but a must-see for anyone who enjoyed Murray's turn in Lost In Translation. Jarmusch fans will also relish the picture, as his deadpan comedy is on the best form here since it was first unleashed on the world in Stranger Than Paradise.

Bryan W (jp) wrote: W: 2+. AMAZING. Wow. Nearly unbelievable true story. Really well done. Great acting. Great filming.

Charlie M (gb) wrote: For a child of the 90's there were few things scarier than a Stephen King adaptation. ABC was always running made for TV adaptations (The Stand, Langoliers, It) that could make it difficult for anyone to fall asleep, let alone a youth. In fact, it's often youths who are at peril in his books, usually losing their innocent to monsters seen and unforeseen. The monsters he wrote of were easy to be fearful of, but antagonists from his dramatic works were twice as powerful. Stand By Me is a coming-of-age classic, and The Shawshank Redemption is played once a week on cable because it's still amazing to watch. 20 years ago I tried to watch Dolores Claiborne expecting the same greatness, but was surprised with how bored I was. Now after rewatching it, I see how much adult nuance went right over my silly 10-year old head. Despite being authored, scripted and directed by men this is a superb feminist film about the strength of abuse survivors.

Jesse B (us) wrote: An amazing film which gives us an insiders look at an artist and his canvas. There is no true explanation of this film which would do it any service, accept to say that it is truly a wonderful experience to be with these people for four of the quickest hours you have ever spent with a film.

Red L (ag) wrote: I've always liked the song Fame. It took me 28 years to see the movie. I enjoyed the music and dancing. As a film I thought it was mediocre - too many draggy scenes.

Filius S (us) wrote: After tangoing with SPECTRE for three of the previous films, You Only Live Twice finally unveils the mysterious Number 1 operative of the criminal organization: Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Much like Thunderball's Number 2 operative, Blofeld is highly intelligent, and uses his cunning to repeatedly get the drop on Bond, but is even more successful in doing so, making this film have one of the more entertaining match-ups between Bond and the villain. The film begins with a NASA space capsule being eaten out of orbit by a mystery spacecraft, prompting American intelligence to accuse the Ruskies of the hijacking. British intelligence makes the argument that the Russians aren't to blame, and suggests investigating Japan to discover the source of the craft. In order to do so, they fake James Bond's death, hold a burial at sea, allowing Bond to emerge from his watery grave without the watchful eye of SPECTRE following him. 007 then travels to Japan where the remainder of the film takes place, allowing him to investigate the suspicious Mr. Osato, marry a Japanese woman, witness Ninja training by Japanese intelligence officer Tiger Tanaka, and infiltrate a secret volcano base. You Only Live Twice returns Bond to his characteristic original form as seen in Dr. No and From Russia with Love. The clothing is stunning, the cars are beautiful, and the locations are well designed. Pacing has once again reached its proper speed, keeping this film constantly moving without resorting to too much gimmicky nonsense. Putting Bond in Japan with the charming Tiger Tanaka also makes for a cool West meets East approach to intelligence, where cultures clash, but manage to work together to accomplish their mission. Sure, it's the only Bond film where they get a Scottish guy to impersonate a Japanese guy by wearing a rice hat, having a crappy haircut, and wearing a wig, but that ends up being funny and endearing rather than offensive and ridiculous. There are a couple of elements that make You Only Live Twice shine compared to other 007 films. The first is the cinematography, which finally finds its footing and makes this Bond one of the most pleasant visually. The set design is made up of 60s Japanese modern and minimalist architecture and interiors, which is expertly highlighted by well composed frames that accentuate the flow of characters through them. The second is the action. Perhaps it's due to Japanese stunt crews, but whatever it is, this movie has the best action sequences out of the first ten Bond films. There's very little undercranking, with all of the fights, chases, and battles happening at their proper speed; all well choreographed, and creating action packed sequences that still maintain their realism and believability today. Third are the previously acknowledged characters, portrayed by terrific actors. Donald Pleascence is a fantastic Blofeld, and is written so that he always seems to have the upper hand in the film, just as the character should, while Tiger Tanaka is a stoic and charming Japanese equivalent to Bond who helps act as a guide to the Japanese way of life. That brings us to the final characteristic: the Music. Featuring some of the most memorable orchestrated songs in the franchise (short of the James Bond Theme), John Barry creates a soundscape that is sly, cool, mysterious, and bombastic, pulling off one of the best soundtracks in action cinema. TL;DR - 8/10 This is the Bond that everyone should think of when they think of 007. It's got the cool locations, intense action, secret volcano base, random traps and devious villains that the series is known for, and then amps all of that up by throwing in ninjas, a mini-copter, and one of the coolest Bond cars from the 60s. A great film for any fans of the Bond series, and a fantastic follow-up to Thunderball.

Augustine H (ca) wrote: Pier Paolo Pasolini's neo-realist debut is groundbreaking in accusing the brutality in society in which wrongdoers can hardly reverse their prescribed destiny and turn over a new leaf. Wonderful performance by the repugnant yet pitiful Franco Citti.

Randy H (kr) wrote: I rented this because I read that Peyton Place WAS Camden, ME with some scenes also shot in Belfast and Rockland. Not only were there lots of familiar, beautiful scenery, but the movie was surprisingly Very Good.

Elliott F (nl) wrote: A good, fun Cole Porter-filled romp through Paris.

Private U (ca) wrote: My choice for the best film ever made, Ozu's static camera and quiet observations build to one of the saddest endings in movie history, a formally daring, poetic indictment of the view that one's life should be arranged to please others.

casey w (gb) wrote: i hated this movie...there was one scene that put me over the edge, and that ruined it for me, we watched it with a group of people and i predicted the ending...and that ruined it for them too!

Wendy T (jp) wrote: love this movie (TM)

william m (es) wrote: There are some good moments with the cast, but the film gets weighed down by a three hour run time, and never fully investigates the concept of death as a character. There are so many questions and loose ends that could have been further explored and capitalized on.

David L (br) wrote: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a powerful and inspirational film. It has its problems including the weak songs and too drawn-out beginning, but it also has excellent and moving story, wonderful characters, breathtaking and so realistic animation and just an amazing score. It is one of the best and most shamefully underrated DreamWorks animated films and it is undoubtedly one of the best scored animated films of all time.