Woh Lamhe

Woh Lamhe

Based upon the life of actress Parveen Babi, this film describes the life of a schizophrenic actress Sana Azim, and the love of her life - Aditya Garewal.

Based upon the life of actress Parveen Babi, this film describes the life of a schizophrenic actress Sana Azim, and the love of her life - Aditya Garewal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerico T (ag) wrote: Best friends with benefits forever

Robyn M (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed how the movie relived the power of Obamas campaign. It was also really cool to see the team behind him.

Aidan H (es) wrote: The filmic equivalent of drinking a bottle of wine and going through old family pictures.

Nathan R (es) wrote: amazing movie, about the struggle between the people and a tyrannical government

danela h (ru) wrote: This has been in my q for a while, so I finally used the Watch it Now feature to check it out. I had read the other reviews before watching, so was totally prepared to hate this movie. I didn't hate it and I didn't particularily love it either, so going with a Like It. For what this movie is trying to be, it did an excellent job. It was realistic in as far as the setting-(i'm not sure why everyone keeps referring to a junk yard? it was more like a small rural town) and they didn't play it up with the special effects-because there is no electricity/cars/etc anymore-so why would it have those things? The acting could be considered a little cheesy at times, but much what you would expect from young actors. And as far as the characters, remember that we are watching a movie that has the actors surviving an end of the world event-so of course the characters are going to be a little messed up in the head, the end of the world just happened and these people are learning how to survive in it. So if you want low budget realistic gem, check out this movie. If you want supurb end of the world plot and effects, check out the tv show Jeremiah for similar story.

Louisa M (fr) wrote: rubbish utter rubbish. i wasted 20 mins of my life on this

Jon S (br) wrote: Remember the first Hunchback of Notra Dame? What a great movie. This movie is highly recomended. EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE! This is a direct to video sequel to a movie that we love with a passion. Beleive me! I saw another review of this trash and this direct to video crap-fest is one of the worst direct to video flicks ever created! The animation is cheap. So cheap that it feels like a poor man's version of a TV episode. The voice acting is some of the worst I've heard. They got all of the cast from the original film to reprise their roles; they did a very good job in the first movie, but in this one, they come off to me as off and awful with poor voice directing. The songs are so horrible that they're one of the worst songs I've heard in an animated movie since Thumbelina. Don't ever get me started on that movie! They also ripped off some of the plot points from the first movie and the villain was weak. He wanted to steal a bell from Notra Dame. Why? NO FREAKEN REASON!!!! PLEASE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS TRASH AND WATCH THE FIRST FILM! THE FIRST FILM IS GREAT! This movie is getting the JON SHANAHAN MIDDLE FINGER OF FAILURE!

Mary S (mx) wrote: good movie...enough said...

Mallory B (de) wrote: Alan Rickman and a taboo subject. Sounds right up my alley!

Michael B (gb) wrote: Cheesy attempt at a European version of the Godzilla movies. Some really cheesy stuff here. Charlton Comics would do several comic series based on this movie.

STCENTERPRISE (kr) wrote: It is a well told Charlie Chaplin film filled with comedy, drama, and romance.

Jose Luis M (fr) wrote: Mixtura de generos , el cine habla sobre el cine , mucho suspense hitchcokniano , un gran trabajo de Depalma