Publisher Will Randall becomes a werewolf and has to fight to keep his job.

Worn down and out of luck, aging publisher Will Randall is at the end of his rope when a younger co-worker snatches both his job and wife out from under his nose. But after being bit by a wolf, Will suddenly finds himself energized, more competitive than ever, and possessed with amazingly heightened senses. Meanwhile, the beautiful daughter of his shrewd boss begins to fall for him - without realizing that the man she's begun to love is gradually turning into the creature by which he was bit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wolf torrent reviews

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (it) wrote: Very light, very enjoyable as a whole. Maybe there's some too serious opening and story at the beginning, if you think again about the whole movie. Especially with this kind of ending. This is meant to be taken lightly to be enjoyable. Still I like the Angels' Share concept. Nice touch.

Katie P (fr) wrote: A Masterpiece. Carter's tour de force acting and a truly gripping script surely see this as the magnum opus for one of the greatest entertainers of our time.

Jon A (it) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies of all time because of all the hidden easter eggs in the movie. Not many movies are like that, plus the SciFi story line is just fantastic and foretelling perhaps.

Phil C (us) wrote: Less confusing than Comet. Have a few moments to help you along the way but they were too vague. Over all a good souls movie. Worth a watch. Not sure about a rewatch tho.. Unique and Clever story. Nice performances by all!!

Scott C (au) wrote: Sherlock Holmes fighting Nazis! Sound great! It's not.

Andruw F (kr) wrote: It's got some pacing issues and feels a little long, but it's excellent! Good performances, writing, directing and some great shots. Would definitely recommend.

Holly K M S (mx) wrote: This is a deeply moving film that explores a variety of themes. Those themes include, but are not limited to, love, deception and the fragility of people that feel isolated from the worlds they wished they were a part of.