Wolf at the Door

Wolf at the Door

A journey to the dark cutting edge of desires, lies and wickedness of a love triangle, from the moment a child is mysteriously kidnapped.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A journey to the dark cutting edge of desires, lies and wickedness of a love triangle, from the moment a child is mysteriously kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (au) wrote: I thought this was a good film adaptation of Geoff Johns' "Superman: Brainiac" storyline in the comics. However, since this is film is self-contained and stand alone, it wasn't able to reach the same climax as the story in the comics and I felt that it took some punch away from the story. However, viewing the self contained elements without considering the original source material, I really enjoyed the plot points it did focus on and the story it did tell. I liked how we got to see a newly arrived Supergirl adjusting to life on Earth. I like how we see Superman being a bit controlling of Supergirl and of Lois, and how that allows Brainiac to act as a foil. This plot point greatly reminded me of Mark Waid's "Superman: Red Son", where a similar plot point was used to great effect. The voice acting in this film was pretty good as usual, but the only voice I felt that was really spectacular was John Noble as Brainiac. Noble used a voice very reminiscent of Keith David and I felt it worked very well for this incarnation of Brainiac. The action in this film was good, but not stand out. The score of this film was also good, but not a stand out point either. Overall, I did enjoy this film, but it did not strike the same emotional chord in me that many of the other DC Animated films have.

WS W (au) wrote: The positiveness & exits in the end can hardly cover its (Finnish) despairs & sadness throughout the whole feature. Uncomfortable to watch, one quality feature though.

Alicia T (nl) wrote: I was surprised I enjoyed this movie so much. I don't normally like love stories, but this one I admit had me crying. I guess because despite everything else, that's what it is - a love story. A REAL love story where things don't always turn out the way you want them to in the end and there aren't always happy endings.

Colleen Michelle B (it) wrote: This is pretty good. I loved when she says "Who would wanna live long" lol. Now thats funny. And its crazy how she ends up with a girl and a guy that know each other. I mean how often does that happen. This is one of my new favorites.

Kimberley B (kr) wrote: great, watched it a lot as a kid

Duncan K (gb) wrote: The concept of a look alike taking the place of the president is of course unrealistic, but that isn't the point of the movie. Dave is just showing its audience a case of someone helping people while knowing he will never receive any credit for it, simply because he genuinely wants to make the world a better place. There aren't many things greater than that and Reitman's direction and Kline's performance capture it perfectly.

familiar s (nl) wrote: While many address this movie as one of the greatest originals from Bollywood, the fact's something else. While many know that this movie is based on a play, very few are aware of the fact that the play in turn is inspired from the movie Blind Rage released way back in 1978!!!Anyways, leaving all that aside, the movie was made pretty good.

Quintina G (au) wrote: I love this movie! It's one of my Fav's!! My Mom taped it in 1988 and the tape still plays great! I would love to get it on DVD.

Rory O (ag) wrote: These stars are entirely based on bad arnold english and random feats of strength.

Ming Siu G (de) wrote: I'm a big fan of the exquisite camerawork and the performances; not so much of the glacial pace and sometimes-pointless musical numbers. But probably I'm missing something in translation...

Margarita S (es) wrote: This isn't an enjoyable film, but it is an absorbing one for its artistic and thematic value. There's a lot going on - It's about art, family, mental illness, the sexes, reality and fantasy, and spirituality. Opposites are used throughout, whether visually or thematically. It's like watching a piece of paper being folded perfectly in half, only to be folded perfectly in half again. The symmetry between characters, dialogue, shots and themes is unbelievably sophisticated. Definitely worth more than one viewing - Its impact continues to resonate a day later.

Randy T (nl) wrote: Laird Cregar's life may have been troubled and tragic but there's no denying his talent. Hangover Square works because Laird can seamlessly shift from charismatic leading man to ruthless killer and back again without the audience ever questioning the psychology or the motive. Good stuff.

Peerapon P (de) wrote: This movie is No Bloody But its so scaryyy?

Gman H (de) wrote: Only just got around to watching this. Better than I thought it would be. Good directorial debut from Crowe. [7.5/10]

Matthew O (ca) wrote: I've never loved Harold Lloyd the way I love Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. I've tried, but his are just missing that certain spark that makes me cry when the Little Tramp is betrayed in The Gold Rush or laugh hysterically when Buster gets caught in a gang fight in The Cameraman. Still, he's made some great movies, and Speedy is one of them. To start, you can't talk about this movie without mentioned Harold's true partner, New York City. Speedy works just as well as a look back in time as it does a comedy, and anyone who is curious about the big apple during the 20's should put this on their watchlist as soon as possible. Witnessing Luna Park at night and the stands at Yankee stadium as they really were is worth the price of admission themselves, but my personal favorite part of this time capsule is the Coney Island rides. Those things were dangerous! Makes you wonder how many were injured riding them, but also at the same time it's hard to not want to ride some. Also we get a true guest appearance, Babe Ruth as himself, who learns that when you tell a cab to go fast, they go fast the hard way. All of this would make Speedy fun to watch even if it wasn't funny, but thankfully it's that too. Instead of a straight forward plot Speedy has basically a series of two reel shorts, and with that helps bring out Harold Lloyd's best straight up comedy to the surface. There's plenty of great moments here, from the previously mentioned Babe Ruth cab ride to a battle between gangs and ex-Civil War soldiers, there's never a dull moment. Also Speedy is thankfully lacking in the "thinks other are laughing with him, but are actually laughing at him" gags that bring down some other Harold Lloyd films, especially The Freshman. These jokes can be funny, but usually make you feel bad for whoever is at the end of them, so the absence of them here is welcome, as there's no doubt they would slow down the laughter. In the end, while it's not like one of Chaplin's or Keaton's masterpieces, Speedy is still a silent film that's worthy of the praise, and the dual role of historical piece and comedy make it a unique classic that shouldn't be missed.

Martin G (mx) wrote: Utilisant une srie de courts mtrages interconnects pour faire un film complet, Southbound plaira trs certainement aux amateurs du genre mme s'il ne possde pas autant d'efficacit tel que d'autres productions du style tel V/H/S