Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Stranded backpackers in remote Australia fall prey to a murderous bushman who offers to fix their car, then takes them captive

Three backpackers travel into the Australian Outback, their first stop is to visit a meteor crater in the isolated Wolf Creek National Park. When they go to their car, they find that it does not start and without option, they decide to spend the night in the car. Later, a local friendly man, the hillbilly Mick Taylor, stops his truck, offers to help the trio, finds that they need to replace the coil and proposes to tow them to his camp, where he could fix the car. When they accept the proposal, their dreamy vacation turns into a scary nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott M (mx) wrote: For those who have seen the first Sharknado, more of the same can be seen here.These films do not pretend to be good.

Zachary G (gb) wrote: less funny version of the hangover...probably because its based on a true story. the ending though...soooo gross! yuck.

Luis B (de) wrote: Una pelicula sencilla... y esa es su virtud, para reconocer como la vida se construye de pequenyas cosas, aunque no sean el paraiso.

Matt C (br) wrote: Watched this one way to many times than I should have.

Kimberly B (br) wrote: I like Kristin Scott Thomas, and I like Southern France. So, despite its flaws, I more or less liked this movie. A bit. But if you are not a KST fan, or pretty shots of southern France will not compensate for other flaws, then skip this. I can't say it's worth watching, necessarily, but I've seen worse. Overall: meh.

Andrew I (nl) wrote: A bit like a low-budget, fictional, English, footbally version of Donnie Brasco. If you can see past the "wasn't he in Grange Hill?" questions that keep springing to mind and the wall-to-wall swearing, it's not a bad film for all that. It's a shame the Shadwell football team is fictional, which along with a few Rada luvvies, Mockney accents and a few Emmerdale punches, detracts a little from any would-be realism. 6.75/10

Sherri T (kr) wrote: Total 80s and total memories!

Andresleo T (au) wrote: hard but true... n still that true in our countries!!

Alex F (ca) wrote: An all time classic, an entertaining action packed movie full of mystery, with iconic scenes and dialogue, and an amazing performance by Harrison Ford, all thanks to the great direction by Spielberg and the great script by Kasdan.

Matthew C (it) wrote: In spite of the kind of silly title, this is really a classic science fiction adventure film in the grandest tradition. The first hour is excellent, with lone astronaut Chris learning how to live on a hostile world. The third act kind of loses me, where the story sort of opens up to include another character and some aliens. But then, most of these sort of films eventually throw in something, be it pirates in Swiss Family Robinson or what have you. I think had the whole Friday/alien bit at the end could have been dropped and the film would have been stronger. But it's good, and worth checking out.

Ben S (ru) wrote: Better than average war film that interleaves newsreel footage in the aerial combat scenes. All the usual cliches are there but the good cast makes up for them. Reminiscent of The Dawn Patrol in its theme of isolation brought on by command.

Rawballs B (us) wrote: Stylish yet sick. Sexy yet slimy. Saucy but there's a shortage in scaring. The girls were enough to scare me...

Rangan R (mx) wrote: Recycled theme with the bike and Parkour stunts.I think the first time I saw a movie that had Parkour in it was the 'District B13'. After that plenty of flicks came, among them this one as well. The movie was about a struggling young bike messenger who meets a girl belong to Parkour gang. Later he joins them that changes his fate, but whether he gets the girl or not, that tells with the thrilling story development and some amazing stunts.Ever since the 'Twilight' series, I wanted Taylor Lautner to make his foot steady in his acting career. Because I was rooting his werewolves gang in that movie. His last movie I saw was three years ago, 'Abducted' that did not go well. At least this one looked much better, but not enough. Like always I hope he comes back stronger.Considering this film, the story was as old as the cinemas. A reused plot, there's nothing new. More like another version of 'Point Break', but everything was under a limit. Adding the Parkour and bike stunts to it, gives somewhat a new flavour. The young actors and fresh faces were highlights. From coming under the B movie category, it is simply a nice entertainer, but appraising from the out of that, definitely a disappointment. In the end everything is how you look it and what you get from it.6/10