Konraad, 83, has written a letter to his relatives saying he wants to die. Maria, Konraad's daughter and only child, refuses to discuss her fathers wish. Instead, she wants to move him to a flat for elderly people. Her two grown daughters Sabine and Eva have problems of their own. Sabine has a troubled marriage and her eldest daughter Haas is too wise for her age. Eva is in therapy, recovering from an abortion. Ernst, Marias husband, is the only one who takes an interest. He decides to help Konraad realize his last wish. In doing so, he crosses his wife and increases the already existing distance between them.

Konraad, 83, has written a letter to his relatives saying he wants to die. Maria, Konraads daughter and only child... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wolfsbergen torrent reviews

ken k (it) wrote: A boring attempt at soft-core horror flic with bad acting and horrific script to boot. Paid $1.74 for this ore blu ray and I got screwed!

Veer H (jp) wrote: Really nice movie...i just saw it yesterday nd now i feel like again watching it...!

Alan W (es) wrote: an interesting movie where the ads are rather misleading - not a Reece Weatherspoon movie - her role can be played by almost any actress and is more of a cameo; the rendition itself is only half the film, the other is about the locals so half the film is NOT what the poster will have u think it is about - which by the way isnt a bad thing.

CG C (mx) wrote: sweet movie about realizing what you have and not squandering it. a touching movie the classic coming of age city girl in the country realizing there is more to the world than malls and city fun.

RJohn X (gb) wrote: If EXTISTENZ was a bad LAWNMOWER MAN cybergame thriller with a bad attempt at a crafty franchise building monster, then BRAINSCAN would have been a bigger success. As it is it has a certain grungey charm, what with the flannels wrapped in flannels and the presence of TAR on the soundtrack. But Edward Furlong is so pained and unbelievable and really not at all appealing covered in sweat. Poor Langella basically just gets to walk into focus and say, Hey Kid. A lot. And then there is sweet Amy Hargreaves. Sundress and Timberlands. Man, I miss the early 90s.

Benjamin M (de) wrote: J'aime bien Stacey Dash<3 , le film aussi.