Woman of the Lake

Woman of the Lake

A married woman lets her lover take naked pictures of her. The photos end up in possession of a man who starts blackmailing the couple.

A married woman lets her lover take naked pictures of her. The photos end up in possession of a man who starts blackmailing the couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Woman of the Lake torrent reviews

Ravi S (nl) wrote: an ok movie. I found it interesting, unusual, a little different. really liked the kids group, reminded me of our juniors.

Ryosuke N (es) wrote: ???MAD?? 7???????2011?2?19??????

Casey D (au) wrote: Very outdated but cute

tp b (ca) wrote: Stoltz and Spader are both good actors, however this is not a very good movie. It's watchable.

Chris C (us) wrote: High School High doesn't quite hit the same high notes as Zuckers' previous Naked Gun series, but the film delivers enough laughs generated by it's central star, Jon Lovitz.

Michael E (de) wrote: another film i was surprised at mainly because of all the bashing it has had from critics and people and i love this movie i thought it was funny entertaining and fun for the whole family

Sylvain F (fr) wrote: The only thing interesting about this movie is its cast (although lopez and dorff can be quite annoying). Everything else is pretty cliche.

Ken D (de) wrote: A very slow moving and somewhat provoking film about sexuality. The story has some interesting elements, but the movie clearly needed a better director for it to work well. 'Wild Orchid' is not very impressive visually either and looks like a B-movie compared to the similar 'Nine 1/2 Weeks' that is also starring Mickey Rourke.

David B (gb) wrote: nice second effort from bruce robinson but not a patch on withnail . its was the boil i tell you the boil... yeah watch it if you want to watch something a bit fucked up and funny.

Louisa T (ag) wrote: I'm not really interested in Australian history or anything like that, but this movie was really good and I learnt a lot about Phar Lap from it. It's really heartwarming.

David C (ag) wrote: Long ago, in the distant time before "The Lord of the Rings" (well, before Peter Jackson's LOTR, not before the books or the earliest adaptations), before "Thor" (before the modern movies, I mean; not before the "Thor" comic character, which itself came long after the "Conan" pulp character), before "Skyrim" (OK, it was unequivocally before that), there was "Conan the Barbarian!" It would be wrong to say that "Conan" was the progenitor of anything other than Arnold Schwarzenegger's film career; the origins, influences, and manifestations of the major sword-and-sorcery franchises are complex and mostly separate from one another, hearkening back to and appropriating for their own purposes centuries-old, half-imagined stories and traditions that at this point in history belong equally to all.In the case of "Conan," the milieu is the fuzzy line between West and East in the age of Genghis Khan's Eurasia-spanning empire, imagined here as a world of tribes and ritualism. "Conan"'s immediate textual source is itself, a cartoon from a 25-cent cult magazine. Director/writer John Milius, however, infuses his ambitious adaptation with overtones from the ostensibly more serious tradition of sword-and-sandal films: it is difficult not to think of "Spartacus" during "Conan"'s first half hour, which sees the hero go from slave to pit fighter to outlaw iconoclast. Milius, who also wrote "Apocalypse Now" (1979), takes Conan's made-for-action-figure characters and genre trappings seriously in a way that not every filmmaker might have, and his commitment keeps it from becoming too campy. It is not a cheap production: attractive Spanish shooting locales, titanic sets with a sense of weight, endless detailed costumes and thoughtful iconography elevate the basic storyline, as does an enthralling score by film composer Basil Poledouris. In all production categories "Conan" outperforms its near-contemporary, the noble but spectacular failure "Excalibur" (1981). "Conan"'s supporting cast also stacks up well with the inclusion of Max von Sydow and James Earl Jones, two actors who are constitutionally incapable of bringing anything other than gravitas to a role. But perhaps the most surprising of "Conan"'s achievements is its female lead Valeria, played by Sandahl Bergman. Her skill and capability are unqualified, and in a movie that is not always judicious in its depictions of women, her equal and at times grander stature to Conan's is a relief.However, the element that most sets "Conan" apart from later and earlier examples of its genre may be its well-earned R rating. Today, studios that make their shareholders happy by dint of teen and preteen ticket sales do not allow their blockbusters to cross that line, so films of this ilk today are often bloodless and sexless affairs. That is not to say that they are not violent and frequently sexist: they merely code their violence and objectification of women in ways that modern censors (MPAA reviewers) are either too dim or too hypocritical to acknowledge. The downside of "Conan"'s show-it-all approach to sex and violence is that it is occasionally degrading and often excessive. Yet there is something to be said for the principle of taking off the reins and making a film that is proudly not meant for all audiences: something few fantasy movies today have the courage-or, yes, the naivety-to attempt.

Brannon R (br) wrote: I just bought it on VHS for a dollar and it was well worth it.

Nikhil M (ru) wrote: The musical portion may not entertain everybody but the humor is just top class and will leave you in splits. The expressions of Zeppo Marx are just brilliant and lifts the movie.

Kyle W (de) wrote: Action ? Nope. I calculated that the sum of all main characters spent a grand total of 17 calories throughout the story. Mostly because one of them trots about 5 yards somewhere in the first half.Drama ? More likely. You'll mostly watch brothers talking gravely and crying in each other's arms. There's also 1 woman, and she's in a love angle. That way, 2 requirements of US formatted products are met, killing two stones with one bird.Heist ? Barely. It's 1 hour and a half long, and the heist itself starts after 1 hour in. I'm not saying that the heist preparations take 1 hour. Preparations ? What preparations ? Let's just pop in the bank with guns, take everyone hostage and hope nobody notices from outside. From now on, you'll mostly watch brothers talking gravely and crying in each other's arms, but with their faces covered.American ? Yes, the title isn't a complete lie. Not sure what the exact purpose of this adjective is... maybe to warn us that this heist won't occur in Papua New Guinea and that there won't be Austin Minis. Actually, I was expecting a gang of nuke-toting, gum-bubbling, Gump-quoting, segway-racing corporate-tattooed obese survivalists. Of which I saw none, so it's only technically American; just.

Kevin M (ru) wrote: Tim Burton avoids another misfire and delivers a relatively entertaining film with a solid ending. Christoph Waltz is great as usual, Amy Adams does well. Tim Burton's distinct style is here, but it's a lot more subtle than any other movie he's done. Colors pop and it's a visually pleasing movie, as a film about a painter should be. Big Eyes is one of those cases where a film doesn't have any particular flaws, but it probably won't stick in your memory for too long.

Keith E (es) wrote: Surprisingly funny and ribald for its time, this tale of the perils of a mnage a trois had me smiling throughout. Laugh out loud at times