Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year

Rival reporters Sam and Tess fall in love and get married, only to find their relationship strained when Sam comes to resent Tess' hectic lifestyle.

Rival reporters Sam and Tess fall in love and get married, only to find their relationship strained when Sam comes to resent Tess' hectic lifestyle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael P (au) wrote: I haven't watched this since I was 4. I loved it. now I bought it at a rummage sale and now it dropped down 2 stars.

Charlie D (it) wrote: It's hysterical and its melancholy, they're times when you can't stop laughing and others when you can't stop feeling sorrowful. It is far from being one-dimensional as that is how I mostly describe romantic dramas. Adding a impactful message into it and you have something brilliant.

David G (ru) wrote: Part Deux raises the bar in terms of action and breathtakingly shot locations, but is paced at the blink of an eye and never takes a good moment to pause or reflect.

Jesper K (it) wrote: Incredibly bad! This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen, how anyone could justify this movie being released is beyond me... DONT GO THERE!!!!! CRAP! It actually makes me wanna kill! GOD! ITS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary R (de) wrote: WOW! How unfunny this movie delivered

John E (jp) wrote: Interesting movie, found some of the interactions somewhat insignificant, that between Maria and her boyfriend for one, and Blanca was annoyingly immature. This Spanish language drama covers the naivety of those who enter into drug smuggling and maybe the naivety of many of us as viewers as well, worth a watch for sure.

Isabelle W (fr) wrote: Eu gosto muito do Walter Salles e esse filme simplesmente maravilhoso.

Brendon M (ca) wrote: The final major masterpiece from THE American auteur. Tragicomic, with hazy morals fogging the screen, a completely captivating film. More powerful w each viewing.

Alex H (kr) wrote: a comedic masterpiece.

Magali P (ag) wrote: C'est tres farfelu, ce qui fait tout son charme :)

Grant S (gb) wrote: Interesting, and ultimately quite gripping, drama.A young lawyer, Tony Lawrence (played by Paul Newman), embarks on a successful legal career in Philadelphia. He steadily climbs the social and corporate ladder, though with much personal baggage and bitterness.It's the last few scenes of this movie that make it so good. It was fine, but not fantastic, before. We see Paul Newman's character's trials, tribulations and success. It is interesting, but not overly engaging. However, the engagement factor is ratcheted up several notches toward the end, when he defends his friend in court. The story changes from a fairly standard drama to a very intriguing courtroom drama.Solid work by Paul Newman in the lead role. Good support from Robert Vaughn, Barbara Rush, Brian Keith and a host of others. Vaughn got a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his efforts, the only Oscar nomination in his career.

Naomi G (jp) wrote: My research into this movie lead me to a NY times review which described the film as a comedy. I have since stopped reading NY times materials. Since most of the reviews in the NY times are written by wealthy persons writing under a psuedonym, it's understandable that they could find the plight of the poor to be amusing. The film is incredibly depressing. It's about how wealthy idiots use the poor like toilet paper to clean up after themselves in the bathroom after doing their 1 or 2, or whatever it is that they command the general population to call it, in the toilet. It's about how the wealthy create laws and compel the poor to break them, completely ignore and flaunt the laws they created, and are never punished or prevented for their unforgiveable behavior.

Katie R (nl) wrote: Always great to see Una Merkel (and Virginia Bruce, for that matter). But Eleanor Powell, while an incredible dancer, really wasn't a good actress.

Travis O (ca) wrote: meh. it was ok. funny in parts, couldve been funnier considering owen wilson was in it.

Paul D (mx) wrote: A lesser film than expected where the comedy is concerned, but the story is itself is good enough to hold an attention and watching the continuous trickle of stunts in action also works for this movie.

Anders A (au) wrote: Horror in its prime glory. The fading boundaries between reality and fictionality becomes so blurred thats impossible to separate. The never ending nightmare seems to just escalate towards a schizofrene obscureness of death and doom. Carpenter leaves nothing to compromise, its just plain evil madness, thats why this is so genuine.

Tim R (br) wrote: Very solid Bond film, not as good as Dalton's first turn as Bond but still good.

Johnny M (mx) wrote: I Have No Idea How Rotten Tomatoes Critics Gave This Movie 50% Yet Almost All Fan Reviews Were Positive, Isn't That How It Always Is Though. All I Know Is This Movie Was Freakin Awesome, It Was Cleverly Done. It Keeps You Guessing & Thinking While You Try To Figure It Out. I For One Actually Figured Out At The Beginning Who Was Behind It All. It's An Absolute Must See!!!! Trust Me, You Won't Be Disappointed.

Alex T (jp) wrote: Vertigo's greatness comes from two virtuoso fake-outs. The first is convincing you it belongs to a genre it doesn't. The second I can't spoil here. Two fake-outs means two reveals and the first is a thunderbolt of clarity. In a flash, the unease of the first half washes away. The second dawns slowly, with visceral unease and horror. Vertigo was a slow burner for me. I was disappointed when the end title showed up, but I realized the next day I was profoundly troubled by the film and couldn't stop thinking about it.