Woman on a Tin Roof

Woman on a Tin Roof

A classic dramatic piece on poverty and prostitution is transformed into a poignant take on failed celluloid dreams. A son of a late actor notorious for womanizing in his heyday aspires to be a big star someday but can't get past beyond being a stuntman. His meager income hardly suffices to support his family driving the wife to resort to selling her body.

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Jeremy C (jp) wrote: This is a B movie that I would only recommend to you if you like predictable B movies. Sand Sharks was a only alright film.GRADE:B-

BRUNO V (it) wrote: Was Fun Movie Time ...Fine

Dane S (ca) wrote: brings back the Stallone from the 90s, when he was at his best.

Tabatha T (it) wrote: I'm a fan I like Lopez

Joel H (us) wrote: Bedknobs and Broomsticks has some very memorable moments, but the pacing of this children's movie is a little off. Clocking in at 139 minutes, this film takes its time to get the ball rolling, which is not something you want when you're watching it with your kids. Luckily, the songs, the spells and the animated soccer game re-claimed their attention. They could have shaved 30 minutes off this movie and it would have been better for it.

Guillaume H (br) wrote: stylish and atmospheric but the lead actress who, to make matters worse , plays a dual role, is truly appalling. So its beautifully gloomy but pretty funny by mishaps.

Denis K (es) wrote: Jo-go-lev and Zooey otp.

frank p (nl) wrote: Most excellent....Angela Bettis is a great scream queen

Joseph C (nl) wrote: I'm not going to waste time discussing what everyone else here has said about what is wrong with the film. That's obvious enough. Having just watched this for the third or fourth time, I have to say, not without a little bit of shame, that I like it more every time I see it. The failures of the film are considerable, but strangely enough I consider the concept of the piece to be fascinating. The Exorcist was such direct, unmediated horror with little intellectual substance needed. The Heretic, as the subtitle suggests, is already delving into much more heady territory -- Fr Lamont even refers to Teilhard de Chardin, a rather esoteric reference -- and I respect Boorman's courage in trying to "elevate," so to speak, pure horror into a theological narrative such as this. The film offered more hope, I think, inasmuch as it implies that God has at least supplied the world with saints and angels, as well as demons. Consider, as well, that there are some incredible visuals in the film: the flight on the wings of Pazuzu, the first mind synchronization with Regan's bedroom superimposed over the psychiatrist's office, the plane flying through the clouds that look quite disturbingly off, and the finale at Georgetown a la House of Usher. The film just doesn't work, but on its way to failure, it has some really fascinating moments.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Missed the Kung Fu Panda series, but decided to give it a watch when the kids clamored for it. The original was a big hit. It kept everyone entertained. You know a movie is fun when the end comes and they want to watch again. Final Score: 7.5.... Good for all ages despite PG rating!

Brett C (us) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I started Jim Jarmusch's filmography with Down By Law, and that film left me kind of disappointed due to it's emotionless and lack of drive during the first half of the film. Though left underwhelmed, I still had faith on Jarmusch as there is something about his style and storytelling that makes me want to come back for more. I came into Night on Earth with small expectations and surprisingly, it succeeded in surpassing it and delivered an experience I wouldn't forget. The film doesn't feature a plot or a even a clear connection or similarities between each of the five storylines, aside from the fact that it tells the story of a cab driver and a passenger. I enjoyed the film all the way through, with each story coming off as beautiful managing to evoke something out of me. Each individual segment explores different themes and I was surprised how much Jarmusch was able to focus on so many and not have the film feel messy and directionless. The film's simplistic and character-centered photography was appealing, and the film's optimistic and sometimes quirky music makes the stories feel light and accessible even when things get dark. The film featured great acting with standout performances from Winona Ryder, Beatrice Dalle, Giancarlo Esposito, Armin Mueller-Stahl, and Matti Pellonpaa. Night on Earth is an example of showing what would be down to earth stories and making something significant out of it.

Connor S (gb) wrote: If you are a teenager, you will probably laugh a lot at this. Otherwise, it's just a hour and a half of boredom. There is nothing particularly good about Sex Drive, the jokes aren't funny, the acting isn't very good, and it is very mean spirited. Also, I realize comedies don't need to be realistic, but a plot about a guy traveling cross country just to have sex seems very absurd to me. I will say that the Pontiac GTO was very cool, and that was the only thing I enjoyed throughout the entire movie.