Woman Thou Art Loosed

Woman Thou Art Loosed

An adaptation of Bishop T.D. Jakes' self-help novel, chronciling a woman's struggle to come to terms with her legacy of abuse, addiction and poverty.

An adaptation of Bishop T.D. Jakes' self-help novel, chronciling a woman's struggle to come to terms with her legacy of abuse, addiction and poverty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (us) wrote: Another direct-on-net release from the director of 'Time of Eve'. A very unique concept that resembles Hollywood's live-action 'Upside Down'. It should not be a reason to you to discard from watching. In fact a lot better than that and completely a different storyline. When I picked to watch it I did not think it will reach beyond my expectation, but it did. And now it becomes one of the top rated by me among a few others from the year 2013. Anime movie fans must not miss it. Patema, a young girl who lives in the underground tunnels is curious about the outside world which is forbidden to enter. Her father, a pioneer who was disappeared trying to find a bridge between the worlds. One day while exploring on the danger zone she falls into a deep hollow pit. Wake-ups and finds in a strange world where people are upside down and to them she's. Meets someone who she can trust, and he saves her from falling further into the sky. The mystery about the inverted world and what cause it was told while Patema makes her escape while other men try to hunt her down.''The sky eats all sinners.'' Initially I laughed because few scenes looked so funny, like a kid walking on the street having a hydrogen balloon in his hand. In the other end the story narration was pretty serious, so I put back my concentration to the movie. Falling in a hole and finding yourself in a different world is what basically inspired from the fairy tale 'Alice in Wonderland'. We could have expected that from Studio Ghibli, but this one was completely a science-fiction and that is what this director is famous for. The concept was not the fresh, the story created around it was. The animation was only a little disappointing in few parts. Art was great and I don't know what is the framerate, but the motion was not smooth, especially in the slow motions. Other than technical aspect, it can be enjoyed by anyone without age limit. The end twist totally changes the perspective of the story that involved in the earlier. A nice solution, but it will not explain in detail the experiment that caused the world split with two opposite gravity forces. In my opinion, it is fine for not binding it to thoroughly on the science. As it now, everyone can understand it, even the common people. You know everyone can't be intelligent like who are, entertainment is the notion and this movie serves it well. I thought after the legend Miyazaki's retirement, the anime industry may fall behind, but his son and especially this filmmaker looks very promising and a few others I have noticed. We usually see quite a lot animation movies every year, but not that much anime movies. It is limited, so don't miss the opportunity if you get one for this movie.

Jess L (ag) wrote: Probably the worst animated movie I have ever seen, and I've seen A LOT.

Boldbaatar G (ag) wrote: Exceptional movie, too depressing.

Brian S (ca) wrote: Mediocre horror in which a psycho kidnaps children, locks them in cages in his basement, pumps then full of PCP, denies them all human contact... and thereby turns them into the Rage zombies from the "28 Weeks..." films. Of course, if you lock someone in a cage for 10 years, the result isn't something that can run and leap through the air, but that's the least of this flick's problems. It's riddled with internal inconsistencies; the monster-victims behave differently at different times. Sometimes they're mindless, other times they're capable of elaborate planning. The same zombie doesn't recognize a gun at one point in the flick, but he knows how to use one for the final scene. The central character is frequently whiny and continually makes dumb decisions, so much so that there's not a shred of surprise in the outcome of the film; it's death by stupid.That said, there are some well-done gore effects and the film does manage to pull off some simple, brief moments of suspense. Richard Brake is convincing as the architect of the zombies, Ronald Perkins, but there's not enough of his character here. He's only a plot device, and once the zombies are out of their cages, it's hard to see how his motivations matter at all.No surprises, decent zombies. It's... eh.

Dillinger P (ag) wrote: Nick Broomfield provides us with such a compelling and thought provoking look at Americas first Female Serial Killer, Aileen Wurnoss, as she prepares to enter death row and tries to set the record straight about her killings before moving on to the afterlife. It is nerve shreddingly hypnotic as we witness what appears to be a severely mentally unstable woman undergo controversey from the police, hollywood and even former lawyers. Here Broomfield has a proper friendly relationship with Aileen, meaning that we really get a good cunk of personal interview footage of her state of mind and the conspiracies she believes to be going on around her. Nick also, as a friend, tries to help her appeal, as he believes she was not given a fair trial to begin with. Something Nick says at the begining of this film sticks with you to the very end, out of everyone involved with this case, he believes Aileen is the only one speaking the whole truth throughout. It isnt until some shock twist and turns closer to her death, where we find out this troubled soul really was beyond saving from the outset. the contributers are all perfect and the insight we recieve into this story is both personal and highly researched. It is very hard to execute a film like this, in the way Nick has, but by god is it jaw dropping and eye glueing stuff. A must watch for all fans of documentaries.

Jenni F (de) wrote: This film was a profoundly moving, cathartic experience for me, and as a result it really pains me when I read really negative reviews of it. Is it a matter of "getting it"? Yeah, I suppose so, but I am offended by people who you think you have to be "Asian" to get it. (I tend to feel that way whenever people talk like that about "ethnic" cinema, but that's another story.) A lot of negative reviews I read mentioned that they didn't find the plot or the characters' descent into crime believable--and I would argue that that's the point. I see the film as a fantasy of mad-as-hell model minority: You get pissed, you start doing bad stuff just because you can get away with it, and, ultimately, YOU GET AWAY WITH IT. Now, don't make a mistake about what I'm saying: I don't believe this film is written as a dream sequence or that Ben imagined the whole thing or anything like that. But I believe that, structurally, the entire story IS an enactment of a (violent) fantasy for people who have been put into a box and would love to show the world just how outside of it they can step. And as a fantasy, the events themselves don't necessarily HAVE to be realistic--but the emotional chord it hits certainly is. If you didn't like the film for that reason, I suggest you see it again with that in mind, and I hope you have a different experience.

Malachi R (jp) wrote: This one enjoyable silly romantic comedy...with great Fight Choreography and Cute Romantic Humor and Chemistry between Jackie Chan and Qi Shu make this a very watchable movie:) '' 4 Stars!!''

Ernestine H (ru) wrote: I grew up watching Mothra and have always liked the shows watching these classics brings back a lot of good memories!

Vicki (ag) wrote: N The end Prince DIES 4 Love

Tom B (gb) wrote: Terence Fisher pulls out all the stops here, starting with the opening scene tribute to Carol Reed's Third Man and then going on to several great action set-pieces with lots of lovely red red krovvy, and of course, the neverendingly wonderful Peter Cushing. We find it impossible not to love and completely adore Cushing. His Frankenstein is a study in cold calculated malevolence tinged with unparalleled genius and vision. An incredible accomplishment especially when one considers that offscreen he was a devoted and by all accounts mild-mannered man. Easy to believe, as his performances do seem to be studies, and therefore open up for discussion on ideas. Some great moments here of sardonic anger. Amazing how he works objects in the room and always has something going on with his hands. And then of course there's the gruesome side of these things, and his utter capacity for detachment. He was and is the perfect Sherlock Holmes in Hound Of The Baskervilles, and seeing that same set of characteristics turned to Victorian villainy is a treat. Lots of fun when one's taste for flatlined modern horror films has expired and the desire for color filled films with camp acting and some moments of amazing dialogue, and of course, Peter Cushing. No wonder Kate Bush wrote a song about these films. Such passion! Such secrets that lurk! And oh those horse-drawn carriages, buxom blondes, and sweating Werthers...what would cinema be without them? Fun, fun, fun.

Kristopher P (fr) wrote: Two great performances. One crazy sister.

Jose Luis M (es) wrote: Film de supervivencia, no es muy emocionante, pero est bien filmado.

TheIan E (kr) wrote: Up there with Phibes a great revenge pic starring Vincent Price as a supposedly dead actor who punishes the critics of his work.

Julian Y (de) wrote: I've never wished for characters to die in a movie. And then this one came along. Why would they look at these painted, loin cloth wearing, spear and bow n' arrow wielding jungle people and say "they look friendly"!!!!!DUMBASSES!!!!

Lisa S (jp) wrote: I would have added another half star if Julia Roberts hadn't been absolutely terrible in this film. Couldn't an Irish woman have been found to play Kitty?

Angelo P (mx) wrote: its a good movie but has left out some scenes that made the novel wonderful.

ScubaSteve Walter M (it) wrote: A lot of possibilities can happen on this interesting subject but they took the lousiest direction for a story.