Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys

Grady (Michael Douglas) is a 50-ish English professor who hasn't had a thing published in years -- not since he wrote his award winning "Great American Novel" 7 years ago. This weekend proves even worse than he could imagine as he finds himself reeling from one misadventure to another in the company of a new wonder boy author.

An English Professor tries to deal with his wife leaving him, the arrival of his editor who has been waiting for his book for seven years, and the various problems that his friends and associates involve him in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rita D (ag) wrote: The lamest movie I've ever seen. So stupid and boring. A wast of my 2 dollars to rent it from redbox

Kristina K (mx) wrote: After a tragic death in the family, a young boy's grandma finally has the excuse to blame him for everything. It's a struggle to defeat his own doubts as everyone else's.

Lisa W (ru) wrote: This was a crazy, bizarre movie. Wow.

Gene R (it) wrote: A disaster movie done right.While the stupidity of the Mayan prophecy is taken seriously,this is still a well done movie with likeable characters and a well done earthquake sequence.The movie does fall extremely flat at points with some god awful cliches and bad comedy.However 2012 is still worth a watch.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: Its a very hard movie to watch. but it is vital to watch. watch it little by little.

Ross W (kr) wrote: Gardens of the Night is a horrific expose of child abduction and its lasting psychological and emotional damages. The first half of the film is hard to watch at times due to its blunt depiction of various forms of child abuse. You might find yourself thinking, Jeez, even though this is a movie, it would still damage that kid just to have to act this scene out. However, I think this is to the film's credit rather than its downfall. If you are willing to buy the story (which I was), then you will understand the necessity each scene has, however difficult it may be to watch. The film's major blemish is the acting, which is pretty shabby at times. Personally, I found the portrayals of the "tough kids" to be unconvincing. To be quite honest, the lead children actors gave much better performances than the lead young adult actors. Though the acting can jar the viewer at times, the dark, disturbing nature of the story is compelling enough to retain interest til the conclusion. Tom Arnold gets the MVP for this film. He is believable and consistent throughout. The two lead children come in a close second, but could arguably be said to be the best performers in the film.

Robert H (br) wrote: Supposedly this was the pilot of a TV series that never got made. Well, the film is fantastic popcorn entertainment. Just the right dose of humour, thrills and action in a winning combo. Light entertainment at its best.

Jon F (ag) wrote: a one of a kind visual thrill ride deep into the heart of the adult anime entertainment business chock full of espionage , deceit, and revenge.

Greg W (de) wrote: gr8 cast makes this one go

Neil O (it) wrote: First of the Hammer 'mini-Hitchcocks' though build more on the template of Clouzot's Les Diaboliques, this is a Hammer Film par excellence. A taut script that twists at every turn, crisp black and white cinemtography and good performances from the main cast. Seth Holt directs.

Carlos B (mx) wrote: Amazing late 1950's Biblical tale,this film might not be well known by a lot of people, but make no mistake,this film is a great one!The portrayal of Solomon by Yul Brynner was simply phenomenal. Very well done and it has that old Hollywood "Grandeur" style in the vibe of films such as Ben Hur.... A Must for all Christians and "old fashion" movie lovers. ...

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Derek W (us) wrote: An infinitely quotable menagerie of off-beat humor and memorable characters.

David S (jp) wrote: Another awful spoof movie. This one, obviously, spoofs The Walking Dead and myriad other zombie movies. And there's hardly a single laugh to be found.