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Wonderman torrent reviews

Jim Z (jp) wrote: Amazing movie. Probably one of the best ancient movies and just movies in general of all time. You can't get any better than this movie pretty much.

Jason D (kr) wrote: Snakehead Terror capitalizes on a somewhat interesting issue the US has had to deal with involving Snakehead fish and the disturbances they cause in the water. This film takes them to the extreme as large Snakeheads start tearing a small fishing community apart, literally. It's up to a group of cliches including town sheriff Bruce Boxleitner, biologist Carol Alt, and a bunch of stupid teenagers to stop these monstrosities! In all honestly, this movie follows a tried and true formula, showing very little originality (though I am surprised by how they chose actual special effects more often than dreadful CGI), but the film manages to be mindless B-movie entertainment. Anyone who goes looking for depth and range in a movie called Snakehead Terror, being completely thrown off by its sheer stupidity, and then giving it a terrible rating is honestly no smarter than this film. It's made all in dumb fun and should be treated as such. In your in to wacky Sci-fi nonsense like this, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Kevin R (es) wrote: He only guards the dead. I have to worry about the living. A general on a Greek island discovers a strange plaque that infects the dead and can spread to the living. He quarantines the island and will not let anyone leave. As more individuals become infected with the disease, more pressure is placed on the general to let the uninfected leave the island. Will the general break or will the infection kill them all? "Find younger ears to listen to your nonsense." Mark Robson, director of Earthquake, Avalanche Express, Valley of the Dolls, The Harder They Fall, Bedlam, Land of the Brave, and The Ghost Ship, delivers Isle of the Dead. The storyline for this picture is solid but the pace of the film is a bit slow and methodical. The settings, the script, and the acting in this film are remarkable. The cast delivers solid performances and includes Boris Karloff in the lead role. "Those who live by the law can be both wrong and cruel." Isle of the Dead is the first of several Boris Karloff pictures playing on a Turner Classic Movie Marathon this Halloween season. We always DVR several Karloff pictures every Halloween. This is not one of Karloff's better movies; however, it if definitely worth watching. This is more of a drama than horror movie but Karloff does delivers a brilliant performance. This is worth one viewing. "What must be done will be done." Grade: C+

Eric H (ag) wrote: A great war film. Good performances and solid direction raise this one above the norm. Great action for it's time, but with an emphisis on character developement. Some cliche`s typical of the genre, but it doesn't hurt the film. Maureen O'Hara playes with understated complexity. Fonda playes the kind of simple character that doesn't usually apeal to me, but here he makes it work.

Tom H (mx) wrote: One of Keaton`s most impressive films. The last 15 minutes or so are epic!