Wondrous Oblivion

Wondrous Oblivion

Eleven-year-old David Wiseman is mad about cricket but no good at it. He has the entire kit but none of the skill, and he's a laughingstock at school. So when a Jamaican family moves in ...

Eleven-year-old David Wiseman is mad about cricket but no good at it. He has the entire kit but none of the skill, and he's a laughingstock at school. So when a Jamaican family moves in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayk T (nl) wrote: engaging and breath taking. Wonderful and deep acting by both actors

D H (ag) wrote: Almost 20 years before Catherine Zeta Jones played a woman out to catch gentleman jewel thief Sean Connery in the Hollywood blockbuster "Entrapment," the same scenario was played out by Lesley Anne-Down and Burt Reynolds - well, almost the same. This more low key affair, though no less enjoyable, is the type of caper that Cary Grant might have played 20 years earlier and indeed Reynolds gives a serviceable impression of Grant within the opening minutes of the movie that Down disses by referring to it as a "Tony Curtis doing Cary Grant." I have a soft spot for heist movies, through from the 1960s with its "Italian Job" and "Oceans 11" through the 1970s with films such as "11 Harrowhouse" and "Diamonds" right up to the last decade with the aforementioned "Entrapment" and remakes of both "The Italian Job" and "Ocean's 11." I think part of the fascination is in the sheer audacity and genius that the criminals put into their schemes, its part of what makes the "Mission Impossible" movies so entertaining. So, what about this movie? In it, Reynolds plays American gentleman jewel thief Jack Rhodes who is being doggedly pursued by Scotland Yard Inspector Cyril Willis (played wonderfully by David Niven - who himself is no stranger to gentleman jewel thief's having played one in the original "Pink Panther"). In an effort to nab Rhodes before his impending retirement Niven's character Willis blackmails English socialite and kleptomaniac Gillian Bromley (played by the incredibly sexy Lesley Anne-Down of "Sphinx" and "Great Train Robbery" fame) in a plot to catch Rhodes in the act. Willis has the reluctant Gillian feed Rhodes information on an upcoming $30 million diamond transfer from London to Antwerp intending to lie in wait of Rhodes. With an entertaining cast of characters from a Nazi pilot to an African-American air traffic controller, Joss Ackland as a Dutch police inspector and even Pierce Brosnan's then-wife the late Casandra Harris as a flighty partygoer, this movie fairly zips along. And, as with all good heist movies, there's a wicked twist at the end that caught me so of guard that I was reaching for the rewind button seconds after it happened. Yes, this movie really does satisfy.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Immensely realistic with stunning performances, An Education is a spectacular and thought- provoking coming of age drama that's worth having a look at

Anuwat U (br) wrote: ?? ?????????? ???? ?? ??????

Jennifer J (mx) wrote: Love it or hate it, you'll never forget it. It is a decision that you really need to make for yourself... See it prepared to laugh and don't forget the kleenex... :fresh:

Bart G (us) wrote: GREAT Flick....from the Previews it may appear kinda soft.....but upon watching it.....your first appreciation may change!!!!!

Karl P T (de) wrote: Good movie for smokers.

Martina Martynuska P (ru) wrote: THE MUSIC IS JUST BRILLIANT!!!

Squid I (nl) wrote: inspires my urge to roam the weird frozen tundra of the north

Mike T (jp) wrote: Such a great movie straight out of the comics. Great family movie from a great age of disney movies!

Laura T (mx) wrote: The movie info on rotten tomatoes is really off regarding 'Green Dolphin St.' Sounds like they might have fast forwarded through the film and got the wrong ideas (several times) It's a good costume drama, a star studded cast and was nominated for special effects-principally for the earthquake scenes. The movie is long, yes, but only because it doesn't skip over details. It covers a fair bit of time & different locations. Van Heflin is particularly fine in his role as the self made man. And again, the movie info below is completely wrong, I don't understand how they came to describe the film synopsis that way, but take a look, it's a great movie.

Leong C (jp) wrote: Commendable performance by Evans in this underated drama...

Tatsuhito K (ru) wrote: Some events and characters are totally believable, others are plain ridiculous and too cartoonish, which are something I'm not particularly into. Overall, American Pie is an enjoyable comedy with moments of charm and truth.

Joel A (es) wrote: A career defining performance from Al Pacino that although Godfather made him known it was Serpico that cemented him as a star.Pacino plays Frank Serpico an unusual honest cop in a sea of corruption in the NYPD. It chronicles his intense battle against despite the rising tension from other police officers.Pacino was truly electrifying & owned the screen & truly one of our greatest screen actors. This film is gritty, truthful & honest....a fantastic real life crime thriller, Sidney Lumet directed a wonderful film.