Gorgeous and extraverted Woo meets insecure and straight-laced law clerk Tim at a blind date.

Gorgeous and extravert Woo meets insecure and straight-laced law clerk Tim at a blind date. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cade H (mx) wrote: The Den is a horror film shot entirely from the webcams on computers, phones and security cameras. It is very similar to the style in the movie, Unfriended released in 2014 as well. The Den tells the story of a girl who is doing a study of people online, in a webcam chat site that is a copy of the real life site Chat Roulette. The webcam style filming creates some very creepy moments and the anticipation at times it very intense. The whole time you will have an idea of what you think is going on, but toward the end things get blown wide open and it is a much bigger ordeal then it originally seemed. There are some rather gruesome moments but the best parts of the film are slow moving, creeping in the shadows, surprise scenes. I wish the ending craziness had been different, as it strayed away from made the rest of the movie so good. If you like this style of filming and want a good scare you should enjoy The Den.

Danny K (kr) wrote: Some funny moments, usually ushered in by Shalhoub, but ultimately predictable and riddled with rom-com cliches.

Juliano K (de) wrote: I really feel-good movies, this one is kinda cool tho!

Spike V (ag) wrote: The documentary consists in bits of commentary by a legion of screenwriters and their experience. It shows a good glimpse of how the Hollywood industry works, but it also shows the shortsightedness and conformism of this incomplete writers that would probably not have the wit to make in mediums that they also seem to despise, like comics or novels.

Jin T (nl) wrote: Not great but good like the first one.

Darren H (us) wrote: Take the Ellis Island scene from The Godfather 2 and extend it to a full-length feature - with all its deft insight and sharp commentary intact - you have this overlooked gem of a film.

Anuradha I (ru) wrote: as usual, vikram stuns the audience with his bold and true-to-life performance. love the songs and the concept and how well it's fused with contemporary India.

Andrew D (kr) wrote: Appearances can be deceiving! What starts off as a silly, predictable gay rom-com turns out to be a surprisingly clever, touching movie. Loved it!

Johnny B (fr) wrote: Pretty much abandons any significant plot altogether and just becomes a collection of killings tied together by the film industry's beloved "Minorities are strange and violent" mentality. That being said, it's really not much worse than Part 2.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Elia Kazan's quirky, off-the-wall romp about revenge and justice in 1950's Mississippi is truly remarkable... We're definitely not in Kansas anymore--The crumbling ruins of a deep south plantation, circa 1956. Karl Malden running through empty rooms, yelling "BayBee DOLLLLL!" The dementia-ridden elderly aunt forgetting to turn on the stove before cooking the greens. The old guys lounging around the yard, laughing and watching Malden's frenzied activities like it's must-see TV. Kooky gorgeous Baby Doll sucking her thumb, sleeping in her crib. And Eli Wallach: ah, what a specimen. He's intense, he's irresistible. He's relentlessly "handsy" like a high school boy on a date; he never, ever, for a moment, lets up. It's impossible to take your eyes off of him... Baby Doll still Sizzles-Fuzzy and Buzzy!!

Michael T (au) wrote: MGM's contribution to the war effort is actually a nice little homespun musical with an all-star revue tacked onto the end; highlights include Judy Garland (with Jose Iturbi) swinging "The Joint Is Really Jumpin'," Lena Horne belting out "Honeysuckle Rose," and Kathryn Grayson leads a piercing finale to "United Nations on the March" (by Shostakovitch, no less.)

sara anne n (es) wrote: i would love to see this movie

Jason V (ca) wrote: Very funny and a bit moving love story's comedy by the excellent Farrelly bros.Michelle Monaghan is beautiful.

A K (it) wrote: Not the best of this genre, but...