Fanatical birdwatchers have descended upon a small town in the Arkansas bayou in hopes of finding the celebrated Ivory Billed Woodpecker. Declared extinct in the 1940’s, the bird has apparently been spotted by numerous experts. Enter amateur birder and poet Johnny Neander, who has convinced his taciturn sidekick that he will be the one to find the elusive woodpecker. The ensuing chaos divides the small town between believers and non-believers, rabid environmentalists and opportunistic entrepreneurs. Much like the bird itself, Woodpecker explores the intersection of fact and fiction, manipulating our notions of documentary and narrative techniques within a tragic comedy about hope, perception, and some very very strange birds.

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Woodpecker torrent reviews

Khalid M (ag) wrote: the first partx were goood the latter are not..

Mary B (gb) wrote: Some scenes are bloody but the effects are so bad that i became uninterested in the film.

Leo L (mx) wrote: Great movie. Amitabh Bachchan and Preity Zinta are great in this movie. Intriguing story plot that centralizes around a fascinating love story theme, a chance meeting like none other, that one would see a very slight resemblance to "Before Sunrise." Chance Encounters. Abhishek Bachchan guest appears in this comedic/romantic movie. An interesting movie, great music.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: I actually like this a bit young kid. When I look up at Rotten Tomatoes and see that not only did it have negative reviews, but negative audience reviews too. I never understood why, so now as a movie reviewer, I watched the movie to see if it's just as bad the people rated it, and I still thought it was funny. It could've been a lot worse knowing that it's a ping pong comedy, they could've put in racial jokes, and they kind of did, but it only lasted for a few seconds. There was some silly moments that were weird, but most of the time it works, and it's because of Dan Fogler. He's really funny and it's his movie. James Hong is funny in this, but the blind jokes does get old though. The chemistry between Randy and Maggie came out of nowhere and it was really odd. It doesn't try to make Balls of Fury unpredictable or refreshing, but they do focus on the humor which most of them works. I do wish Christopher Walken is in it a bit more as he is funny in this, but it's not going to bother me as Balls of Fury is a good comedy film that could've been better.

Itamar G (us) wrote: such a shame chad allen is gay his so damn hot

Mathew F (br) wrote: Lazy plotlines,aweful pacing and a repetitive script are a few of the many problems this low budget horror suffers from. Even amongst the company it keeps it really cant stand out as anything other than a lazy cash in on a fad of the time.

Orlando D (ca) wrote: This movie is bad but for a Steven Seagal vehicle this is one of his better films. The plot is simple, Seagal is out to avenge those who murdered his loved ones and he's in a coma(Kill Bill take note.)he awakes from a coma 7 years later and is out for vengence. The acting of Seagal is eye twitching and tilting his head whereas his former wife Kelly LeBrock's acting is stares and poses a match made in bad movie heaven. It's implausable yes, Seagal walks the following day like normal after being in a 7 year coma and LeBrock takes him to a home she is housesitting that has a full gym for Seagal to recover. This movie could have been a whole lot worst

Nicole W (ru) wrote: My all time favorite movie since a little girl!!!

Ryan F (au) wrote: Although by today's standards, it may seem a bit dated, but this is a great movie. Definitely ahead of it's time, considering it came out in 1956. It had an intelligent script that dealt with the rise and fall of other civilizations, dealt with the struggle of human weakness and paved the way for most of the sci-fi epics that came after it. Definitely worth the watch

Drell D (ca) wrote: Classic cop flick from the 80's

DC E (au) wrote: "Why Stop Now" 10 Scale Rating: 5.0 (Average) ...The Good: A mostly entertaining cast who turned in good performances. I liked what they were trying to do here, even if the execution fell short. The scenes that I found to be amusing were very very amusing. The Bad: For starters, Jesse Eisenberg is beginning to be the same guy in every movie and is starting to feel like a one dimensional actor. The film itself seemed to struggle with it's identity and flip flopped from comedy to drama and back again repeatedly. It is fine for a screwball comedy to attempt to have some heart, but the delivery for this film was flawed and it felt forced. Scenes and lines felt completely random and confusing as they tried ever so hard to make this more than it was.