Word Is Out

Word Is Out

More than two dozen men and women of various backgrounds, ages, and races talk to the camera about being gay or lesbian. Their stories are arranged in loose chronology: early years, fitting in (which for some meant marriage), coming out, establishing adult identities, and reflecting on how things have changed and how things should be.

More than two dozen men and women of various backgrounds, ages, and races talk to the camera about being gay. Their stories are arranged in loose chronology: early years, fitting in (which ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guillaume B (jp) wrote: I like the universe and his Epic Story and FX

Josh L (us) wrote: cheech marin's reaction to his new ride at the end topped it off hahaha


Kevin P (nl) wrote: An intimidating work of art. Susan Sontag, when seeing it, said it had the feeling of being bigger than a film. She spoke the truth. At four and a half hours, it is set only on a stage but has the subject of Germany and the world at its hand. This is a film essay, but is dense with puppetry and other visual creations.

Markus M (fr) wrote: I love the film's dark and bleak visual style which lends itself to some truly striking and memorable imagery, from the film's most graphic shots right down to its protagonist's hairdo. The reason the film doesn't work for me however is not because of the ambiguity of its narrative or because of its surreality as this is nowhere near the strangest film I've ever seen and anyone with even the slightest bit of imagination can come up with their own interpretations as to what transpires in the film. The reason the film doesn't work for me is because it's unnecessarily slow, mostly uneventful, and simply just plain boring.6/10

Ibraheem M (gb) wrote: It may not be the best Hitchcockian thriller but Cary Grant and Grace Kelly lightens it up.

Alec L (ca) wrote: A heartfelt, modern fable that provides a psychedelic smorgasbord of raw emotion.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: The best and mostly my favorite Mission Impossible movie of all time and even Rouge Nation as my 2nd.

Jessi t (ag) wrote: I can't imagine this is a film many people are going to get behind, but as someone from a family not entirely unlike the one portrayed in the film, I can say that this is a goddamn amazing movie. The roles are so amazingly well cast and every little quirk is so true to life that it hurts. Hilarious film and wonderful performances all around.

STCENTERPRISE (it) wrote: Star Trek IV The Voyage Home was the funniest of all the Star Trek films, It utilized all the characters the most compared to just the dynamic 3 Kirk, Spock, & McCoy. Each of them is used in an important way rather than a miner role. It covers a very important issue that is the planet and covers extinction. It is a Time Travel film that goes into the modern world of 1986 so it was very relatable to anybody no matter if they are a Star Trek fan or not. It pays respect to the previous films and shows. It utilizes all the things developed before in the series and films. The glasses from Wrath of Khan make a comeback in this film. The whales all look real not robotic. If you are to recommend a Star Trek film to a non fan it would be Star Trek IV The Voyage Home. We get the great scene with Scotty Hello, Computer. The keyboard, how quaint! I have seen it many, many times since I was very young. I grew up on this Star Trek film. The one drawback to this film is the time travel sequence with the CGI faces that looks like someone was on drugs when they made that scene. Then the amount of swearing.One of the biggest inaccuracies is how they completely changed the Klingon Bird of Pray set from Star Trek III The Search for Spock. However I will admit that I do like the way the Bird of Pray looks in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home compared to Star Trek III The Search for Spock. I loved the music especially the film score by Leonard Rosenman that sounds fun and was very different from any Star Trek film but I love.