Word of Honor

Word of Honor

Prompted by a just-published book that holds ex-lieutenant Ben Tyson accountable for a hushed-up massacre committed by his platoon in a Hue hospital 18 years before, the army recalls Tyson to stand trial for murder. Tyson, confronted by an army authority anxious to save its own face, an embarrassed federal government, and a threatened marriage, and entangled, furthermore, in his own past lives and present sense of guilt, must call on all his cleverness and his own inner toughness to fight his case.

Prompted by a just-published book that holds ex-lieutenant Ben Tyson accountable for a hushed-up massacre committed by his platoon in a Hue hospital 18 years before, the army recalls Tyson ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas D (br) wrote: Up until Goblet of Fire, the Potter franchise is a load of fun with some creepy imagery and dark concepts mixed in. But Goblet of Fire is the turning point in the franchise for me. Yes, Prisoner of Azkaban has its dark moments, but the grave sense of danger and threat isn't really present until the 4th film.The Goblet of Fire opens with a pretty terrifying dream sequence involving a deformed Voldemort, which may very well be my favorite opening to any of the films in the series. It comes right out and states that this franchise is no longer just a fun adventure, there are dangerously high stakes involved here, and Voldemort is a part of them. Of course, part of the fun nature of this film is its mysteriousness and the unpredictability. I've seen the film several times, but there's nothing quite like watching the Triwizard Tournament with someone who has no idea what they're in for.Goblet certainly brings some new characters along with its different identity. Most notably, Brendan Gleeson's Professor Alastor 'MadEye' Moody. Looking back, it's difficult to assess how much I enjoyed the character considering he was kidnapped for nearly the entire length of the film, but his impact on Harry's tribulations throughout the film are felt. I mean, why wouldn't he be an interesting character? He's just the 4th straight new defense against the dark arts teacher to be hiding something in one way or another.No matter, The Goblet of Fire is full of fresh adventures for the trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Most of the film involves Harry competing in the various events of the tournament (which ends up feeling a whole lot like a Hunger Games), but there's always time for some quality trio scenes. Weirdly enough, this film made those scenes mostly deal with romance at the Yule Ball involving the three schools. It's admittedly the next logical step in these teenagers lives, but sometimes it can be a bit overboard. Some of it plays for comedy, but did I really need to see EVERYONE at Hogwarts, and I mean everyone, share the dance floor or have a scene with a love interet.In many ways, The Goblet of Fire is the turning point in the franchise, and the first time you see someone of importance get hurt in a grave way. Although you don't have a ton of time for Cedric to develop, his death altered the course of the series and the mindsets of those at Hogwarts. That in itself makes it an important installment in the series. Not to mention the fact that there's a dragon, a bada** maze, and one unsettling resurrection towards the end. This is one of the better films, by a good margin.+Moody's introduction+Voldemort officially returns+More mature and powerfully written than previous entries+Turning point in the franchise-Too much romance9.2/10

Hugo V (us) wrote: -The Program is een Brits-Franse film uit 2015 van regisseur Stephen Frears. De film, die gebaseerd is op het boek Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong van journalist David Walsh, vertelt het levensverhaal van de Amerikaanse wielrenner Lance Armstrong, die zeven keer de Ronde van Frankrijk won, maar nadien betrapt werd op dopinggebruik. De hoofdrollen worden vertolkt door Ben Foster en Chris O'Dowd.--Trivia: Om zich in zijn rol in te leven, gebruikte acteur Ben Foster ook doping. De Belgische wielrenner Kevin Hulsmans vertolkt in de film de Italiaanse wielrenner Filippo Simeoni.--Verhaal:-De film begint in 1993, wanneer Lance Armstrong voor het eerst deelneemt aan de Ronde van Frankrijk en voor het eerst genterviewd wordt door de Britse journalist David Walsh. Niet veel later overtuigt Armstrong zowel zichzelf als zijn ploeggenoten om het dopingproduct epo te gebruiken.-In de daaropvolgende jaren overwint Armstrong teelbalkanker en groeit hij met de hulp van de Italiaanse dopingdokter Michele Ferrari, ploegleider Johan Bruyneel en US Postal-directeur Bill Stapleton uit tot de succesvolste renner van het peloton. Ondanks de ontkenningen van Armstrong weigert Walsh te geloven dat de renner zuiver rijdt.

Gavin M (br) wrote: One of Tony Scott's best. The screenplay by Tarantino is what gives the movie it's tone of voice and Tony Scott hasn't directed at better movie better than this cult ground breaking of a film. And the performances all around are incredible but the two that stand out the most is Chris Walken and Dennis Hopper in the "Sicilian scene" that must be in the top 100 best scenes of all time in movie history. And the music itself for its time is what gives the movie it's vibe which always makes me think that they don't make movies like this anymore of this style of filmmaking.

Sara C (mx) wrote: Oldman was amazing as usual!!! Bacon looked like a serial killer as usual!!! Suspense was there! Story line needed a lil' but overall an enjoyable movie!

Andy L (it) wrote: An old eighties classic. Orbach & Dennehy are particularly good. Always reminds me of my mate Mr Bamlett, although this obviously won't be the effect it has on everyone

Gabriel Z (ru) wrote: what a strange, ridiculous movie. fun to watch, if you are in the right mood.

Alehee N (ag) wrote: Adam Sandler is so funny

BRADFORD Y (ca) wrote: One of the worst WWII movies ... but ... acclaimed because a Spielberg-Hanks collaboration. US troops give a pass to the same German SNIPER again and again ... until he makes this obomination worth watching ... by sniping Tom Hanks ... who is totally ms.cast as a combat officer.