From the masters who create the mind-bending diversions to the tense competition at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, Patrick Creadon's documentary reveals a fascinating look at a decidedly addictive pastime. Creadon captures New York Times editor Will Shortz at work, talks to celebrity solvers -- including Bill Clinton and Ken Burns -- and presents an intimate look at the national tournament and its competitors.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   umbrella,   band,  

An in-depth look at The New York Times' long-time crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz and his loyal fan base. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tolstoys J (ru) wrote: Unless you speak multiple languages don't bother watching. I stopped watching after the asshole in the flowered shirt referred to bees as "fresh printed money" and told viewers the only motivation in life is greed and fear and then muttered something about capitalistic total domination. He was so maniacally irritated that the almond growers were spraying fungicide he just wanted to blow a gasket. He is like a spoiled infant that couldn't get his way. Your capitalistic society will end soon enough you fucking mook. What a dick.

Sophia Q (ag) wrote: This movie was QUITE pathetic. I was hoping it'd be good, if only for Jugal's sake. However, it's a failure of a movie, in my eyes. First of all, it doesn't matter how many years pass by in the film, Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) is still a ditzy bimbo and Abhay (Uday Chopra) is still a hopeless geek. There's no evolving of their characters. Never, at any point in the movie, do we see a spark between the two characters or a point where you see Alisha softening towards Abhay. At least not in a natural way. Priyanka Chopra's character comes off as unlikable throughout the movie. How are you supposed to root for a relationship between a nice guy and an idiot of a girl? Uday Choopra's character is just stupid. There's no other way to describe him. He digs a massive hole for himself and then is hurt when Alisha doesn't believe him. Why should she? And his lies weren't even NECESSARY! The whole movie stays at point A from beginning up until the very end. There's no real movement in the storyline and personally, as a viewer, I wanted to slap myself for sitting through the full movie. Very very very poor product. Oh and someone needs to tell YRF that they should go back to the good old days where their female lead wore white saris and shalwar kameez. This whole skanky heroine thing they've been trying to shove down our throats for the past few years is really not working for me at all.

(br) wrote: love the look of this movie

Des S (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this move more than I thought I would, but the twist at the end was predictable.

Boris B (fr) wrote: when was released it was very shocking for me....ultra sensitive....emotions talk like 1000 words...10/10...(not for adults:-))

Owen D (fr) wrote: What a pile of shit!

Alli A (mx) wrote: This film is very enjoyable in its unique visual style and its great surreal atmosphere. The story is about a young girl and her growing sexual awareness that lead her through imaginative and surreal situations. The film jumps and leads its audience through its never conclusive characterisation where her grandmother might be her mother, also a vampire who plots her Valerie's death. An overall interesting film.

Lo (us) wrote: i remember watching this movie as a child. shirley temple always amused me when i was little and could watch these movies all day and not get sick of them.

Jeffrey J (au) wrote: Awesome romantic comedy! Assuming you understand German !

Matt G (mx) wrote: I see alot of negative reviews and I scratch my head why? Van Damme delivers an exceptional performance with an original plot, you see a new side to his acting in this one! Wish he made more like this! Michael Rooker also surprised me, very aggressive and gritty in this one!

Raymond C (mx) wrote: An engaging thought provoking tale of shifting loyalties played out against +amidst the turmoil of a Well planned robbery gone wrong due to law enforcement intrusion.