World and Time Enough

World and Time Enough

Two men--a gay, HIV-positive artist and an adopted garbage collector--struggle in the face of stigma and loss to find meaning in work, love, and family.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   ghost,   flashback,  

Two men--a gay, HIV-positive artist and an adopted garbage collector--struggle in the face of stigma and loss to find meaning in work, love, and family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth R (es) wrote: Pelcula bastante diferente, interesante, donde se puede hacer lo que se quiera en nombre del dinero sin embargo, la (C)tica, la moral y la culpa juegan un papel importante a la hora de nuestras tomas de decisiones...recomendable

Christopher S (mx) wrote: One of the finest documentaries that I have ever seen. This film brought the Darfur Conflict home. Very hard hitting and not for the faint of heart. The world should get together, put aside their differences, and help Darfur without worrying about what happens afterwards. Very sad and powerful film.

Sarah (mx) wrote: I liked this movie, but Im not 100% sure why. I think the main, if not only, reason for my enjoyment was how unique and brilliant Billy Crudup's character and acting was. Aside from him, the story was okay, Mandy was okay - in fact, I'd almost say that Tom Wilkinson had a more impacting role than she did. It wasnt boring, but not overly entertaining either. I was amused, laughed a few times, and really did like Billy's character (as I previously said). All in all, it was okay, not bad, but nothing spectacular either. What did this movie teach me? I want to find a guy who I can sit with and make up long stories about the people we see in passing.

Alisi M (es) wrote: A raw and realistic film The emotions were portrayed very well

Dorothy H (ru) wrote: I love this movie I can watch it all the time

Vanessa V (ca) wrote: A wonderful film, a new favorite

Don S (kr) wrote: Better than average action / suspense movie. Garcia is good as the cop determined to pull out all the stops to save his dying son, but Keaton is fantastic as the murderer who is hoped to be the boy's savior. The story is unbelievable, but the performances get you beyond that. Worth a watch.

Claudia F (de) wrote: Kolya won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film of 1997. Louka is single and was a musician that was banned from the Symphony because once he insulted a member of the government. Since he is not part of the philharmonic anymore, he is playing cello in funerals as well as renovating gravestones. He is not in financially good shape, and so he accepts an arranged marriage for money with a Russian lady named Nadezda. Once Nadezda receives her papers from the government, she runs away to West Germany, leaving her son (Kolya) with the old aunt who arranged the fake marriage. The problem occurs when the aunt gets very ill, and Kolya has to stay with Louka. Louka speaks Czech, and Kolya speaks Russian. Louka's life is going to change a lot, and he is going to feel responsible for Kolya and enchanted by his feelings and personality.

David C (ru) wrote: No where near as wild and entertaining as the first

Dan C (gb) wrote: Ehh, seems trite today. There's some classic Jack Nicholson ranting and raving in here, though, plus some misogynistic gems that had me snickering. That and hearing Art "Sweet Soprano" Garfunkel say "fuck" several times. But the rest just seems tame and uninteresting, as audacious as it was in 1971. Time capsule viewing for insight in the beginning of the Sexual Revolution.

Orlok W (us) wrote: First disappointing film in Zatoichi series--Unevenly paced!!

Paul N (it) wrote: What a pile of shyte. Frat boy movie with forty-something actors, with 'in movie' rules that changed every five minutes, pants.

Brandon C (ag) wrote: Just for the sheer fact that it's Herbie