World's End

World's End

The future of America, when the world runs out of oil.

The future of America, when the world runs out of oil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denae B (fr) wrote: It could not hold my attention at all. When you keep pausing a movie & getting up to do things you know you have a problem.

Nicci L (ca) wrote: I thought, "Oh, Broderick and Snow, this movie will at least be entertaining." I wouldn't necessarily go that far although I did actually finish the movie. It was banal and ridiculous--and I don't mean that in my "ridiculous is awesome" way. It's one of those movies you can skip and never feel bad about never seeing.

David Ray G (kr) wrote: I'm really angry at how much better this film could be. So much potential, so little of it used.

Martin C (us) wrote: One of the best movies all time! Cult classics! Original story not a remake..

Cort J (it) wrote: holds up well....bit of trivia Kurt Russell was supposed to play the knight before backing out

James H (gb) wrote: The story is rather ordinary, but the music - that?s something else. Imaginative musical numbers, nicely produced and the talent involved is remarkable and truly amazing. One of the best musicals from the 1940?s.

Gregory G (fr) wrote: Stock-car racing turned into demolition derby, or at least a form of high-speed bumper cars. From the filmmakers of "Top Gun," this sports drama follows the same formula, transplanted to auto racing. These are professional racecar drivers who are portrayed as speed and competition junkies, constantly racing and crashing into each other with minimal strategy, both on the track and off. As a spectacle, auto racing is inherently not compelling visually, so the imagery becomes repetitious and the soundtrack is noisy. Tom Cruise is a novice driver hired by an owner (Randy Quaid) with the aid of a hardened crew chief (Robert Duvall) to win the Daytona 500. Nicole Kidman is Cruise's doctor and love interest; Michael Rooker and Carey Elwes are rival drivers. As Cruise's mentor and racing guru, Duvall is exceptional. He brings a quiet authority and sincerity to a conventional role. The rest of the cast is marginal. Screenplay by Robert Towne with story by Towne and Cruise; produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer; directed by Tony Scott. With Fred Dalton Thompson and John C. Reilly.

Peter F (us) wrote: Aardman's latest can't hold a candle intellectually to claymated masterpieces like Mary and Max or Chicken Run, but it is a witty, fun, and sumptuous film that adults should enjoy as much as their children (as long they don't mind historical inaccuracies).

Recaldo N (ru) wrote: funni stuff LOL smiley face