"Worm" tells the story of a man wanted for a double homicide in the small town of Guthrie, OK. Jason "Worm" Truitt has a young daughter that he loves dearly - and a beautiful girlfriend that he feels is out of his league. Worm is always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, taking odd jobs for shady men, and even breaking the law from time to time. He is constantly tailed by the local Sheriff, and constantly berated by his own Father and friends. The film plays out as a Southern Neo-Noir of sorts. A modern day "whodunit" tale told using a chest-mounted Snorricam. The audience journeys with Worm as he tries to clear his name and make safe the ones he loves. Along the way, he is entangled in a small town crime syndicate and nearly loses the people that mean the most to him. Did he commit this heinous crime? Will his past sins catch up to him? Only God knows.

In a future where we no longer have the ability to dream| people have turned to 'Fantasites'| a genetically engineered parasite that induces the user's wildest
fantasies. When one socially awkward young man begins using this new miracle dream aid| hoping they'll bring excitement to his mundane life and get him closer to the
girl of his 'dreams|' he soon finds the line between reality and fantasy squirming away. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Worm torrent reviews

Dead A (es) wrote: Title of the movie is very catchy. The movie is okay.

Michael T (us) wrote: Brooding, low-key, depressing.

Ocram I (kr) wrote: 94% (decreasing the 95 to a 94) Couldn't find anything wrong with this film besides the over-sentimentalism.

se y (us) wrote: Must own this movie!

Mark P (us) wrote: Tried to watch several times. Worse each time.

Mo P (kr) wrote: Oldie but a goodie. A classic scenario...from the days of "hiding and trembling in fear"

Carlos R (mx) wrote: Very funny but too simple and predictable

Nikolaj Z (ca) wrote: A movie after my own heart. - A film that any simple-minded guy can enjoy and make fun of extreme feminists along the way. This movie is very cheap and cheezy, but it's not meant to be taken seriously anyway. - Voluptuous women, female bashing, and male machismo make this film work for me.

Ashley H (au) wrote: This mean-spiritied telling of a Christmas classic is just bad movie-making and poor "acting," confused and confusing plot, florid animation art, and a pack of goblin characters that will scare many a small child. Held to the Disney standard, this is a poor stab at making movie magic.

Private U (jp) wrote: A superb mix of surrealism in the middle of war (WWII in this movie, to be exact). It's just surreal enough to include some crazy, dream-like things-- the town with the women, the man in love with his car, and enough like a surrealist play that some of the monologues don't feel out of place. Pretty much amazing, touching, and definitely builds up its point well. One of my favorites.

Lenette R (ca) wrote: Full of so many black legends and the Nicholas Brothers are amazing at the very end when they tap non stop for minutes with high energy, splitting, jumping, sliding, you name it they do it!!! Wonderful

Meng K (ca) wrote: 5.11 ??? ?????????????

Addie A (au) wrote: one of my favorites! :)