Wrestling Queens

Wrestling Queens

In a desperate attempt to reconnect with her estranged son who is a passionate WWE fan, Rose grabs his attention by joining a rigorous training program to learn to wrestle like a legitimate...

More than anything, 30-year-old Rose longs to be reunited with Mickaël, her estranged 11-year-old son who has been placed with a foster family and blames his mother for their long separation. When she discovers that Mickaël is crazy about wrestling, Rose thinks she's found a way to melt the ice: she'll put together a tag team with three girlfriends from the store where all four work as checkout girls... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam B (es) wrote: Le sigh, Le why, Le waste of time.

Tsubaki S (es) wrote: Good action sequences, shallow characters. At times it feels like a K-Drama. Not bad to kill 2 hours, nothing more.

Spookie M (br) wrote: Excellent companion piece to When We Were Kings this time focusing on the concert that took place before the Rumble In The Jungle in Zaire. Highlights include Bill Withers, James Brown, Celia Cruz and BB King.

Luca B (us) wrote: Sicuramente non banale e godibile, alla faccia dell'immobilit italiota.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: Another well intentioned indie filled with "deep meaning" as platonic friends spend some time together and basically wonder about why they're still only platonic. While there are moments that ring true, some of those very moments of truth come through ... yawn ... lengthy stretches where nada happens. If I were in a couple about to break up and wanted to finish the job, this would be the perfect film, relying as it does on the fact that nobody's perfect.

slim c (gb) wrote: lol...looks lame but i can't stop myself

John P (es) wrote: So for those of you who want to know what happened thirty minutes after Pitch Black ended, Dark Fury begins. Oh yes here I am continuing the Riddick series with another one of his short lived adventures. I do not have much to say about this and that is mostly because of how surprisingly short it is. So forgive me for not typing up a lengthy review, as always, for I will just keep this short and sweet. The voice work was pretty well done, however I felt like there could have been a lot more dialogue. The animation was quite alright and it blended very well with the action style of the movie. My big complaint in this are the two main villains who both acted like a pair James Bond rogue stereotypes. Also I was quite upset that this was only thirty five minutes long and not your standard eighty for cartoon movie purposes. I felt like there could have been more time to fill things in, but they just decided to make it end almost immediately as it started. Overall, it is an okay flick if you have thirty minutes to kill and that is why I only give this three stars.

Christopher L (es) wrote: Vastly underrated and very funny.

Cale R (au) wrote: An interesting look into one of the biggest wastes of tax dollars in the history of the United States. The bogus war on Marijuana.

Jason C (fr) wrote: Better when it's being funny than when it trying to be scary.

Branden W (jp) wrote: Luis Buuel, the greatest voice in surrealist cinema, has a unique style and technique as a filmmaker: the always-revelatory interrogation of dreams, the magisterial triumph of mad love, and as in all of his films, the 'systematic derangement of the senses' professed by Rimbaud. In the world of Buuel, dreams rule one's thoughts; they send one plumbing the depths of consciousness, in pursuit of the unknown. In Belle de Jour, Sverine lives in an almost fictional reality, attending the brothel as work during the afternoons, and living a bourgeois conventional life at night. She is soon torn between both realities, as waking life and dreamless sleep begin to merge and confuse one another, to the point of madness. Marcel is one of Buuel's most unforgettable characters, colorful and poetic in appearance. His gangster suave, flamboyant dress, and ruthless personality are packaged so perfectly well by actor Pierre Clmenti, that it truly makes him one of the most interesting characters in cinematic history. Before there were gold grillz and rappers with platinum caps, there was Marcel. My golden cap is proudly inspired by this film and the character of Marcel as well. 'Belle de Jour' is one of Buuel's greatest and most accomplished works: true Art in the highest sense of imagination. Ranked within at least my top ten favorite films of all-time.

Noah S (nl) wrote: Bale, Affleck and Harrelsons's performances were absolutely fierce and incredible. The film had some really dull moments and could've been better if the world inside the film had a much bigger scale. Like it could've been a long revenge, mystery drama but they missed the chance to do so. Scott Cooper is a hell of a director and this film was amazing because of him and the performances he brought out.

Jason K (de) wrote: Not that i remember this being "good" but i sure didnt remember it being horrid. Lambert is the equal to modern day Gosling where i can only imagine the director saying "Do that line again.....oh, thats the best you can....hmm...well i ..guess thats alright"