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A lawyer who is killed in a car accident finds himself resurrected as a character in his daughter's novel.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:daughter,   mother,   lawyer,  

A lawyer who is killed in a car accident finds himself resurrected as a character in his daughter's novel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel R (au) wrote: this movie is the best of all time

Eduardo B (it) wrote: Seriously, this movie had such great potential. Only after I had seen it, did I realize Edward Norton must have been right editing American History X.

Gianni V (gb) wrote: Some say it's a mix of 'Speed' and 'Die Hard' (I would also add 'Subway'). But it's simply not true: in Hollywood-style action movies, when the good guy kills the villain, the film ends. Well, here the story continues... and it delivers.

Filipe C (nl) wrote: Watching it in retrospect, it's understandable why Roberts became such a superstar. There's a great energy to her performance, which Soderbergh, in usual Soderbergh style, captures to perfection.

Harry W (au) wrote: Although I had only heard of The Street Fighter through Quentin Tarantino's script for the film True Romance, I enjoy and violent Kung fu film and wouldn't turn down one Quentin Tarantino loved. While the low-budget nature of The Street Fighter leaves certain aspects of it laughable, it is still mostly entertaining eastern action cinema.The laughable elements are the usual for a low-budget film of the genre, namely the obviously poor dubbing of the actors into English. This is a common trait in Kung Fu films, but it is especially laughable in The Street Fighter, particularly in the flashback to Takuma Tsurugi watching his father die, which is actually fairly messed up.Also, the fact that the blood always looks fake enough to be more pink or orange than appropriately bloody enough is fairly funny. So there is no way that The Street Fighter is able to transcend the limitations of its low budget nature or the genre, and it will earn all its appeal on the basis of how much cheap fun viewers get from the film, because The Street Fighter is not a masterpiece. It is a film of its genre, nothing more and nothing less. And it is far from perfect or innovative, it is simply cheap fun. It is very cheap, but for the right viewer it is likely to be fairly fun.The Street Fighter rests all its importance on the basis of its fight scenes because that is what its genre demands. And more or less, The Street Fighter delivers. Despite using the same cheap stock sound effects at a very repetitive rate from start to finish in The Street Fighter, they are edited well into the visual aspects of the film and hit at ideal timing most of the time. There are a few moments of weakness, but the fight scenes are consistently well edited, and they are filmed well over the course of mostly extended shots of well choreographed fights. There is a lot of entertainment values at the fight scenes in The Street Fighter because while they aren't exactly that versatile, they are created well and used at a very high quantity to please fans of the genre and viewer expectations. Essentially, when it comes to action, The Street Fighter delivers enough for a kung fu film and Shigehiro Ozawa ensures that it is all captured very well. And most of the success in the scenes can be attributed to the role that Sonny Chiba plays in them.Playing the protagonist Takuma Tsurugi, Sonny Chiba takes advantage of The Street Fighter and uses it as a chance to cement his status as an awesome action hero which he manages to do without fail. The Street Fighter is memorable for Sonny Chiba if nothing else because he manages to kick some major ass in the film by using his fighting skills to perpetrate some entertaining action moments. Throwing all the necessary quick and powerful punches and kicks to make an impact, Sonny Chiba single handily makes The Street Fighter an entertaining film due to relentless dedication to his role. I mean he doesn't have a strong character, but nobody could honesty want to watch The Street Fighter for the value of its characters and writing, because the importance all rests simply on the action. And since Sonny Chiba is the action hero, the success of The Street Fighter rests firmly on his muscular shoulders. Without stopping to breathe, Sonny Chiba dives head on into The Street Fighter and puts him a hell of a fight which is very entertaining. Sonny Chiba is a very convincing action hero, and The Street Fighter is arguably one of his finest films to date. It certainly succeeded in proving how awesome he was at putting up a fight, and so The Street Fighter is entertaining on the basis of him alone. Sonny Chiba is an awesome action hero, and I will not forget that.The musical score in The Street Fighter is fairly catchy as well. The main tune is somewhat memorable time which adds to the atmosphere, so it has a little bit more grit than the average film of the genre due to the intensity established in the fighting scenes.So although The Street Fighter cannot transcend the limitations of the genre, thanks to Sonny Chiba's awesome role as the leading action hero, it is memorable and entertaining enough for action junkies to enjoy.

Joseph C (kr) wrote: Simply put, this film told a great story. Silkwood is the story of a nuclear power plant worker who goes toe-to-toe with the plant fighting for employee safety. What results is a story of struggle for fairness, and a corporation's farthest extreme in preventing Silkwood from digging too deep into the inner workings of the plant. The acting was great, especially on the part of Streep, who put a lot of soul into her performance. There were parts of the film that were a bit overdone that made the image of the tale crack, but there was much more to like about this film than to dislike. All in all, a great movie with a good story, and a definite recommendation from me.

Gome A (jp) wrote: A nice heartwarming film about the world we live in and that it's not only black and white

Ian B (us) wrote: Star Trek meets early 19th Century

Luke M (it) wrote: The sniping action is superb, but the premise is ridiculous and the actors steadfastly refuse to perform beyond an average, wooden performance.

Bruce20 B (br) wrote: The Dark Knight Rises does what it needs to do, and that's competing with its previous film, the Dark Knight which is questionable as the greatest solo superhero movie of all time, and that's what it does. It doesn't necessarily beat the Dark Knight but still lives up to be a great film. Not as high in the charts, but still a spectacular film. My Score: 85%

Grant S (gb) wrote: Classic Charlie Chaplin movie. Complete with the usual incredibly creative visual comedy and romantic angle. Very funny. Contains some of Chaplin's most memorable and iconic scenes: the stewed boot, the dancing bread rolls (revived for a modern audience by Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon), the cabin on the edge of a cliff (which must have inspired scores of cartoon scenes).Incredibly innovative cinematography for 1925. The chicken illusion scene must have been very original and technologically advanced for its time.One disappointment, however. I saw the 1942 revised version of the movie, wherein Chaplin replaced the written dialogue with narration and added a more in-sync score. No issues with the score, but the narration spoils the movie, to an extent. The great thing about silent movies is figuring out the jokes and plot just by the visual medium. With the narration, it feels like you are spoon-fed the jokes and plot, and makes the whole movie feel dumbed-down.I haven't seen the 1925 version but I imagine I would enjoy that more.