Written in Blood

Written in Blood

Detective John Traveller (Peter Coyote) is convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover. His partner and friend, Detective Matthew Ransom, becomes very upset, affecting his marriage that was not working well. The lover of John's wife was the son of Luke Williams, a detective of the same department, and he does not accept the death of his son. After the trial and conviction of John, Matthew separates from his wife Mary Ramson, being sexually arrested by John's daughter Jude. Meanwhile, a serial killer kills the enemies of John, leaving clues in the crime scenes relatives to Sherlock Holmes tales and Matthew suspects of Jude.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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When the wife of Detective John Traveller and her lover are executed in bed and John takes the blame, his partner and friend, Detective Matthew Ransom, becomes very upset, affecting his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cole J (fr) wrote: (1.5/5 ) A movie about a comedian who stares at shit, tells jokes, then stares at more shit.First off, I like the comedians Rick Alverson uses in his films and I like seeing them take on dramatic roles. I mostly enjoyed his last film, The Comedy for this reason and because Alverson attempted to expose a darker side of our current comedic generation. With Entertainment, Alverson is trying to be weird in showcasing existential emptiness, and it comes off as boring and dismissive. It seemed like Alverson was being surreal because he thought it would be cool, but it does serve a purpose he was likely intending: to capture emptiness. He sure accomplishes that. If he's trying to say something about entertainment, about the crisis of the modern comedian, about existentialism, about emptiness, then he should just say it. Instead, we get a tone piece of non sequiturs with a protagonist who is not a real person. My issues with the film lay heavily in the underdevelopment of the protagonist. All he does it sit and stare at things when he's not doing his Neil Hamburger routine, which is funny, but I can find it on YouTube. He calls his daughter multiple times, and clearly has a failed life, but somehow he doesn't seem to care. When asked where he wants to go, he responds that he doesn't have a direction. It's about a guy who clearly has depression, whose life is obviously empty, but who is content with it and doesn't want much else. Why he is sad person and if he likes being a comedian are questions we don't get answers to, so we don't really get much of a person. There is oddly, no struggle, so the character goes nowhere and does nothing. I like to understand the characters I watch in movies and Alverson purposely makes it difficult to do that because he prefers his protagonist to be a drone. The protagonist finds himself in many strange situations that feel completely purposeless both on their own and in the larger context. Some are amusingly strange, and some are just strange and I don't care. It's a very surreal film, but almost in a try-hard way. I enjoyed only a few scenes, mainly the comedic ones because I do like the sense of humor in the film and the actors are funny. I gave up on this movie about halfway through when I realized it was just going to continue to be a bunch of pretentious shit that doesn't make sense. I took away nothing from the movie except that the non-person protagonist has a sad life for no reason. I get the emptiness. I get the existential void. I get that the nothing is somehow the point. But how am I supposed to connect to it and why do I care?

Don S (ca) wrote: A thriller that depends on a nearly impossible coincidence: a bank robbery attempt at the exact same time and place as a prank by 3 friends who are about to separate and live their adult lives after years of being together. And one of the bank robbers is dressed almost exactly like one of the pranksters. Too much to swallow. Decent acting, but unbelievable situations at nearly every turn ruins any momentum this tries to build.

Zaid S (nl) wrote: Below average your regular low budget movie.

Garland T (us) wrote: Loved the cinematography with the foggy landscapes and silhouette shots, the slow burn, steady tension build, the unflinching depiction of the horror of the situation as it unfolded. The strange pink and peach dresses and bonnets! I will definitely be watching it many times over the years. Truly creepy. It had a very organic flow that just got more intense and shocking to watch as it went along. Some iconic scenes that will stick in your mind, and an ending that will make your jaw drop.

Lora R (gb) wrote: A decent thriller. I loved Kevin Bacon's performance!