Wrong Cops

Wrong Cops

A group of bad cops look to dispose of a body that one of them accidentally shot.

A group of bad cops, a crooked and music-mad police officer, a sexually abusive policeman, an extortionist blonde, a family guy with a dubious past, and a one-eyed extremist who dreams of becoming a techno musician, look to dispose of a body that one of them accidentally shot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (ag) wrote: It doesn't cover both sides of the story pretty well, but you get enough grasp of it to understand what's going on. It's more about the controversy around the ownership of the fossils, while briefing sharing the discovering and ignoring any dinosaur factoids. But it is an engaging documentary that makes you think more about how the government works.

Private U (ru) wrote: Hayat ("Life") is the top student at her school in her village. She is to sit for an admission/scholarship test to a boarding school. If she passes, this means she could further her studies and alleviate her family from poverty at home. However, when the film opens on that eventful morning, her father was found unconcious and her mother has to bring him to the town for help. This leaves Hayat to finish the daily chores and to take care of her little brother, Akbar and baby sister, Nabat. As the film progresses through the morning, you can't help sitting on the edge as Hayat tackles challenge after challenge that prevents her from going to school! The main leads were natural, including baby Nabat who was so steady during her scenes. However, you could see that some of the actors were plucked from the street with their stiff acting but it doesn't ruin the film overall. Iranian film companies probably don't insure their actors as their Hollywood counterparts. Although the film doesn't have any explosives or action scenes, the milking scene was very 'real' with the kicking cow, and Akbar carrying baby Nabat down the STEEP stairs or Hayat carrying Nabat on the edge by the stream was kind of dangerous. Once again, a film that proves that you don't need a big budget or well-known actors to resonance with the audience. Come on, Malaysian directors! Wake up! A must watch, especially for parents and their kids (read: brats).

Iris L (au) wrote: Beautifully done...Jeong Woo-seong delivers yet another wonderful performance..

Shantel D (jp) wrote: A little slow, but decent. There are a few really great actors in this one!!

Dean M (ag) wrote: I'm happy to see Jet Li returned to his main character as Wong Fei Hung in this next adventure since part 3. The frequent fight scenes (choreographed by director Sammo Hung) are as exciting as ever. Jet's cool bullet-dodging in the climactic fight is fun, but only real highlight is the scene where Fei Hung's loyal comrade Seven attempts to cure his master's amnesia by fighting him in the styles of villains from the previous films.

Ryan H (gb) wrote: A childhood favorite. I recently found out that my coworker is the guy dancing at the bar mitzvah.

Richard C (br) wrote: It's not Sorbo's best film but It's what you expect from a Kevin Sorbo direct-to-dvd action film: basic editing/effects, action thats entertaining and works for it's budget, and a story that's a step above watchable.

Jason K (it) wrote: First half started pretty decent, then it remembered it was a Asian horror film and started going standard plot point by plot point.

Nikolai E (es) wrote: A fairly important film for Michael Powell, both personally and as a gateway to much of his future success, to hear him tell it. It's a simple, well-executed idea with a real air of authenticity, and makes for an extremely straightforward 85 minutes save for some inspired pieces of montage that are essential to the sense of place that the film sets out to achieve. Powell would revisit ideas in this film with "I Know Where I'm Going" and "A Canterbury Tale" in his search for british history and pride, and this piece works wonderfully as a quiet, understated testament to his values.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Best kids movie in the 90s . Full off adult and kids humor and the sound track went platinum 6x . Of to don't like this movie you are dead to me