Wrong Turn at Tahoe

Wrong Turn at Tahoe

A debt collector for the mob (Academy Award(R)-winner Cuba Gooding, Jr.) finds his fate taking a series of treacherous turns after his powerful boss and mentor (Miguel Ferrer) is caught in a dangerous double cross with the most dangerous drug dealer around (Academy Award(R)-nominee Harvey Keitel) in this crime thriller from writer/director Franck Khalfoun.

A small-time crime boss kills a drug dealer without realizing that the drug dealer works for the biggest crime boss in the country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex C (ag) wrote: Jim O/Iggy's remembrances and honesty helped make this interesting, but it wasn't one of the more compelling musical documentaries I have seen. Lots of old stock footage during voice-overs, no real depth/insights about the band's music and not even a mention of how the moniker Iggy Pop came to be made this just an average film for me. It feels more like a fan's love letter than a well-crafted film.

Jim M (mx) wrote: Continues the story of Sir Winston Churchill from 1940 and the evacuation of Dunkirk threw to the surrender of Germany and his defeat in the 1945 General Election. Brendan Gleeson is well cast as Churchill bringing forth the qualities that held the line during the early days of the Second World War and that helped turn the tide, as well as the less admirable qualities and pig-headness that could make him intolarable. Recommended for those interested in the peroid.

Honor M (fr) wrote: I Love Chazz Palminterri But I Cant Bring Myself To Watch This

Scott A (mx) wrote: Really slow. Kari Wuhrer is always great and the good guy...Satan...is fun but half the time I didnt understand why people were doing what they were doing. Just kind of meh.

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: I never really liked "Catcher in the Rye." I thought Holden Caulfield was just a punk. There was no reason for his angst or consternation. He was a rebel without a reason. The story might have spoken well to the baby-boomers who did grow up in a halcyon facade compared to the rearing of Gen-X'ers or Millennials who had to almost raise themselves. "Igby Goes Down" is "Catcher in the Rye" with an actual cause for the protagonist suffering. Igby has reason to run, as can be rationalized by every teenager alive. Even if their perceptions of the reality of their lives are wrong, they still can perceive the reason for their pain. Holden lived the un-examined life and as such was just a punk who pretended to rebel against nothing and ran away because he was too ignorant to know what else to do. Igby is a tragic hero whose only option for survival is to remove himself from the toxicity of his own life. I recommend reading "Catcher in the Rye" as it is a culturally significant, and then watch "Igby Goes Down" to understand all Caulfield could have been.

Dustin D (br) wrote: While the story is thoroughly predictable, the characters and plot are admirably understated. You understand the characters' motives without stating the obvious, and the conflicts are realistic and never overblown. It is also a fun parody of boy-band mania from the '60s with wonderful production design.

Jason B (ag) wrote: Novelty. I miss David Bowie. The strength of the movie is digging into the core of childhood. The puppeteering is masterful, as would be expected from Henson's team. There are a few moments with very questionable effects/editing although aside from noticing the issues it does not change how I feel about the movie. If you have not watched the film before I have been told that even watching as an adult for the first time the movie holds up.

Maxwell S (ca) wrote: One of my favorite messes of cinema, and my first taste of John Cassevetes's directing, which I've heard so much about. His style and his perspective of everything is so advance and so clear, but it can become a controlled mess trying to get exactly what he wants from the story. This film purposely goes why off the deep end of capturing Myrtle Gordon decent into madness, through the brilliant set piece of an obsessed fan getting killed after meeting her after a show. She then loses, or maybe even rises above reality and try's to figure out what is happening in this reality, and while doing so, she try's to figure out what this stereotypical and meaningless play truly means. John Cassevetes attacks Myrtle from every perspective, with such logic, but we know that there is something more to what is going on. Though in the end, we never find out. It's such a masterful film, no other director could have done it right. Also, I found this film to be beautiful. but, not in like a "Days of Heaven" kind of way, just in a bare cinematic way. It's hard to explain, but I adore it so much. Myrtle Gordon sort of reminds me of Howard Beale from "Network" (1976). Gena Rowlands and Peter Finch also had performances of the same caliber. The ending as well, wow, how many question do I have? I loved the ending. When she shows up drunk, we don't know how the play will turn out, I assumed she is slightly at ease of her pain after she kills the girl at the spiritualists house, but a bit into the play we notice an entire change of tone within Myrtle. The ending was simply brilliant, and it didn't make the film feel incomplete.THIS FILM IS NOT FOR A LIGHTWEIGHT VIEWER!

james e (kr) wrote: Homeward bound is a classic childs movie. If you have children from ages 5 to 15 its a must see. Very funny and the main characters and animals, which kids love.

Stuart P (it) wrote: It's an otherwise uneventful kind of movie, but the performances - particularly Mendelsohn's - are excellent, and turn it into something really involving.