Three years ago, twenty-two year old "girl-next door" Rachel barely survived a brutal massacre that left all of her friends murdered. Time has passed, and Rachel has moved on, but unfortunately her close friends are spending Spring Break in a secluded house in the woods, and they have cordially invited her to join. She would never have accepted the invitation if she realized that another bloodbath would be showing up as plus one. Once Rachel and her friends arrive at the cabin, the partying, sex, and...terror begins. From girls' only pillow fights to debauchery in a bedroom, it's going to be a blast...aside from the stabbing, flesh melting, and castration. Seven friends will go into a secluded house for the best Spring Break of their lives, but only one will be alive to post about it on Facebook the next week, as Rachel's biggest fears become a reality once again! Can Rachel survive another bloody massacre?

Three years after surviving a mass murder, Rachel heads into the woods with six of her closest friends to celebrate spring break. Once Rachel and her friends arrive at the cabin, the partying, sex, and... terror begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy W (jp) wrote: Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender are probably the best cutest couple I've seen in a romantic movie maybe because they are in fact dating. The book is better than movies like always. A must seen film if you are on a date because this movie is about what true love is all about love each other no matter what happens and make the sacrifice that may harm the love of your life. Sacrifice your career for the love of your life, to me I will.

Zahid C (nl) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 18 Apr 2014Time: 9.30 pmWith: Maa On: HDTV

Borhan K (au) wrote: Singh Is Kinng a movie about a no hope jokester that gets in trouble keeps breaking everything in his path and basically chasing after a chicken to catch it to make butter chicken he manages to destroy his entire village's properties. The village then plots to plan to send him and the older gentlemen in the village to Australia to bring some guy back to the village but thats what the tell Happy but they really just want to get rid of him and he travels to Australia via a detour in Egypt and it is a world wind adventure where he meets his dream girl in Egypt and then looses her and in a small world they girl ends up travelling to Australia and where do they shoot the movie in Queensland most of it on the GC Gold Coast.The movie is long but really good and has some great funny parts and the songs are ok the title track is the best "Sing is Kinng".The movie goes just over 2 hours and is not as long as you would expect.Any Rap fans out there should watch this to the very end there is a special performance right at the end.This movie has a lot of guns but nothing that i would say 12 and up are not able to watch. This can be found on Netflix and you should add this to your list.

Marie N (ag) wrote: Good way of living & leaving,

Senor C (it) wrote: Aside of it's low budget documentary limitations of some good filler and transition footage used outside it's clips & talking heads The American Nightmare holds interest. Some of these stories Ive heard before (either before or after the 2001 release date of this film) but it holds a little extra as these great horror film makers from 1968 to 1978 of Romero, Charpenter, Cronenberg, Hooper & yes even Craven tell what influenced them making these landmark movies be it what was going on in the US @ the time, film influence or what frightened them and that is what makes good art. A reflection of man in his society. It's too bad what Charpenter said is that it's all about making more money now. Really how well do you need to be feed? Sure we'd all like to be rich but with attitudes like that it's no wonder the horror industry is in the shape it's in and that all remakes are big pieces of Hollywood shit..except for Cronenberg

Peter B (au) wrote: A painfully inept attempt at a dark comedy.