Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Young orphan Heathcliff is adopted by the wealthy Earnshaw family and moves into their estate, Wuthering Heights. Soon, the new resident falls for his compassionate foster sister, Cathy. The two share a remarkable bond that seems unbreakable until Cathy, feeling the pressure of social convention, suppresses her feelings and marries Edgar Linton, a man of means who befits her stature. Heathcliff vows to win her back.

A man becomes obsessed with vengeance when his soul mate marries another man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (it) wrote: Great documentary. A great historical analysis of who he was and why he mattered.

C b (fr) wrote: Yes, it's clichd and predictable but that's not why you watch Think Like a Man. Like other movies of a similar mold such as, 'The Brothers' and 'The Best Man,' Tim Story's feature won't win any Oscar's nor will it break box office numbers but it will make you laugh and keep you entertained throughout. Chances are you may even know and relate to some of the characters.With a recognisable cast which play their roles well, combined with eye-candy (Megan Good) for both sexes along with a wealth of chuckles, Think Like a Man is a well executed film sure to leave you with a warm and content feeling. It's one that is worth watching either alone or even on a date....well, maybe.

Stephen P (nl) wrote: If I may comment twice. Our society only wants normal. Normal looking people are beautiful. Normal talk is nice. Abnormal is strange. Well to be disabled is to be abnormal but its all good. My brother has a girl who is down syndrome. He cried when she was born but she taught him to feel. That woman, my neice - she's in her 20s - shows us all how to love, to love without condition. I wish she lived closer to me to remind me over and over what a jerk I can be with my intellectualism. Last night we watched "Nell" which is a fictionalized account of a young woman with developmental disability, most of which is environmental. The movie wasn't too popular because it accurately depicted prejudice by normal people against someone with a learning disability. Nell felt life on a more emotional level than our society expects and almost got herself institutionalized. I saw the movie as a allegory about all people with disabilities, how the differences can result in exploitation (side show), discrimination, abuse etc.We are a long way from accepting each other as we really are but we should try. The world can be destroyed by people like the Nazi's who carried intellectual argument to the illogical extreme of exterminating those who were not Aryan. Inside of many cultures is a similar desire that is held back by public approbation, but just barely. The movie will make some people - like the critics - squirm. Nobody said they were not bigots.

Samantha N (ca) wrote: One of my absolutely favorite movies of the 80's. I have seen this film a thousand times and I still love it!

Chris M (us) wrote: Creepy and atmospheric early 80's chiller with Skinner as a TV station employee who gets a warning from aging beach blanket movie actress Larkey that her plane will be going down. Sure enough, Skinner boards the plane and wakes up to find herself in a large field with airplane parts, fire, and carnage veryone around her, but she hasn't so much as a scratch. Soon, it seems that death is hellbent on bringing her back to the other side, so they can finish the job they started. Final Destination clearly drew some inspiration here, but the execution is a lot different and Sole Survivor is much more frightening. Full of creep outs and some very effective jump scares, Sole Survivor is an undeservingly obscure gem that really gets under one's skin. This is one you need to see!

Randy T (mx) wrote: Better than Liberty Valance, but not by much. The location shots and indian scenes are decent, but another sub-par western.

Michael T (kr) wrote: The first "Road" film is not the best, but it sets the structure for the series.

Leong C (es) wrote: A funny little indie comedy, and Thomas Haden Church was terrific in his role....

Jack P (mx) wrote: A great inventive and wacky family stop motion film, The Boxtrolls is a really well thought up story. A bunch of trolls dressed in boxes whom come out at night to steal rubbish are misunderstood and feared by the humans. This film was hilarious and completely kooky, and really was just out there as a production. From the same studio that brought us Paranorman and Coraline you can really tell the style of animation was similar. A stellar voice cast with the likes of Ben Kingsley and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost just to name a few really made this film that bit more of a delight. Also hearing Richard Ayoade's voice as a character was just hilarious in its self. One of the best family films you will see in a long time.