WWE: Superstar Collection - John Cena

WWE: Superstar Collection - John Cena


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cage,   rich,   collection,  

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WWE: Superstar Collection - John Cena torrent reviews

Ann J (gb) wrote: I loved it and hope they make more. Loved the entire cast!!!

Nikolaos S (br) wrote: I'm a sucker for Budhist documentaries but the protagonist seemed kinda gay for his mentor..

Paul B (it) wrote: Rhys Ifans is excellent as sometime spy, big time drug smuggler & father Howard Marks. The performance is great & adds to a snappily directed & funny script with the shots of being in 70's London just superb. It doesn't quite pull off its argument on the futility on the war against drugs but is good fun nonetheless

Jerry L (nl) wrote: I'm a little bit of a music nerd, and also like the craftsman stuff. This movie fits both of those interests. It's quite interesting how much work goes into making a grand piano. I'd hazard the guess that it's almost as complicated as an automobile.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Wouldnt mind seeing.

Cecily B (es) wrote: Love this series, atleast around halloween though i only ever watch it on the famiy channel

Ben H (au) wrote: A reasonable witness protection action with a chick-flick spin on it as Tommy Lee Jones protects five cheerleaders. I wouldn't go as far as entertaining but reasonably enjoyable for a different kind of film with a bit of humour - like a soppy Leathal Weapon.

Stephen M (gb) wrote: Interesting tale on the highlights of Hoffa's life and the people that surrounded him. I didn't care to much for the flow of the story or how it was directed. It is an interesting tale with an all star cast but found the acting drab. The music seemed ill timed and came off as annoying background noise. Pretty disappointed with this film.

Aaron G (ca) wrote: It's an alright movie, perhaps elevated by its (then unknowingly) stellar casting. If you're not a big Jack Nicholson fan, you may want to skip this one.

David H (nl) wrote: Another Masterpiece of Rainer Werner Fassbinder with the beautiful Hanna Schyguala and Gnter Kaufmann its totally hillarious when they plan to fly to Peru i wish the Movie where 2 Hours longer and their Vacation to Peru was shown too

Stephen L (it) wrote: One of the worst, waste of time, piece of crap films ive seen in a long time. And ive seen sharknado.