Two mutants, Rogue and Wolverine, come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team, the X-Men, must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers.

Professor Xavier leads a school called X-Men, a peacekeeping force to safeguard the world against a race of genetically mutated humans. Two mutants come to a private academy for mutants whose resident superhero team must oppose a powerful mutant terrorist organization.Both Xavier and Magneto also have to contend with Senator Kelly, a heartless political leader who wants a final solution against mutants on both sides. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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X-men torrent reviews

Melissa H (us) wrote: A great movie, but was underwhelmed by Rani's character and space in it.

Heather M (ca) wrote: One more adorable chick flick to add to my collection. This was one of the better ones in my opinion because of the neurotic behaviors of the female lead character. The cast consisted of some very strange characters and it was delightful. One thing made me very crazy - the very large and very obvious tattoo on Prinze Jr.'s arm kept switching arms!

Brock A (nl) wrote: I, Robot is an edge-of-your-seat sci-fi flick. It's bursting with incredible action, packed with amazing special effects and featuring an amazing performance from Will Smith. It's just not bad at all. There's also a few twists in the movie, and they're incredible twists.

Lowell D (br) wrote: Overall, this film is a little too indie/hipster. The science in this film (the source of its title) is just poorly-researched, badly-explained techno-babble. The film stumbles over itself when explaining the "chemistry" referenced in the title, often reducing the biochemistry of love to obvious stereotypes (e.g. "lots of testosterone"). Seeing as the entire film revolves around this topic (the biochemistry of love)... well, you get the idea. As a previous reviewer has said of the film, "poor execution killed it right off the bat". ... (but as a fan of "Sliders", I enjoyed Sabrina Lloyd's performance. Coincidentally, "Sliders" also takes place in San Francisco.)

alexis x (jp) wrote: i cant believe they used a game software for this, fantastic!!!

Roger W (mx) wrote: Watch if you want a good cry.

Ipek A (mx) wrote: a very amateur one. the first half is totally different from the second half. reminds me of elm street movies. good part is: I won't be watching it again.

Aurora Borealis (ru) wrote: Men who are going to or have watched this based on the title will/have been sadly disappointed. It's not what it looks like, it has quite a few dramatic points, and is a good movie, light hearted towards the end, more predictable to the cover during the first 30 minutes *to keep men's attention, of course*

Paris S (gb) wrote: Some minor flaws aside, (one dated racial typecast character, a simplistic mining- agriculture dichotomy) I consider this one of the best westerns you'll ever see, and a great movie outside even its genre trappings. One of the most interesting facets of this film is the interplay between its gun wielding characters, and their shaky alliance which unfolds in a riveting way. Bend of the River also contains one of James Stewart's darkest on screen moments, and it comes off as both believable and awesome.

Bill M (nl) wrote: Sleepaway Camp on the face seems a pretty innocuous sort of slash-fest, it's a typical Friday The 13th knock off, with horrible acting, crappy production values, shoddy cinematography, a meandering pace, unpleasant characters and by the numbers kills.....and then the last two minutes happen, and you are left slack jawed and in a desperate need to turn the damn lights on as quickly as possible and then pick up the bits of your broken mind on the floor. Few films have ever been so validated by their final moments like this film. That last shot is one for the horror history books.