X-men: Days Of Future Past

X-men: Days Of Future Past

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods as they join forces with their younger selves in an epic battle that must change the past – to save our future.

The ultimate X-Men join forces with their younger selves in an epic battle that must change the past... to save our future! In Washington D.C., Trask unsuccessfully tries to sway Congress to gain support for his Sentinel program. Meanwhile, in Saigon, Mystique prevents William Stryker from appropriating a group of mutant G.I.s for Trask's research. Mystique investigates Trask's office and discovers he has been capturing mutants to use for his experiments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


X-men: Days Of Future Past torrent reviews

Paul D (au) wrote: Hard-hitting expose of the difficulties faced by migrants attempting to get into America illegally. The uplifting title is misleading as the whole film works against this premise as exemplified by the final scene.

Ibraheem M (de) wrote: Most of the movie are people running and the action parts are filmed at night which became annoying, not to mention the pathetic plot that the movie presents.

John K (fr) wrote: A film with many plot twists and interesting developments. Worth watching.

Jessica H (es) wrote: more made for cable junk with too much fluff.

Laurel S (jp) wrote: Not what I thought it was going to be but was really very good.

John R (us) wrote: so many scene thieves in the movie. the cast is stellar

Lisa M (us) wrote: It has a good positive message. Love Tyler Perry's movies

Greg R (au) wrote: I just found it to be dumb, cliched, pointless and totally unfunny.

Orpheus A (us) wrote: Given that in certain quarters of the hardcore horror fan community 'Dellamorte Dellamore' is considered somewhat of a misunderstood classic I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. After hearing so much about the movie and reading reviews raving about its merits I went in fully expecting a piece akin to horror classics like The Evil Dead and The Thing. My expectations were obviously too high, and had I watched it free of all the hype and cult murmurings I believe I would have enjoyed it a lot more.What I got was a fairly good little horror movie, though one that falls way short of those that grace the upper echelons of the genre.

Shawn R (gb) wrote: Decent movie enough, but didn't keep my interest.

Bret B (kr) wrote: Borrowed this off a mate to watch last night - wow! I'm suprised I'd never heard of this one before as it's a definite classic to rival even the great Fist of the North Star. Beautiful scenery, very impressive action sequences, brilliant space battles. There's not really anything to fault with this flick. If you love Manga then you'll love Space Adventure Cobra - find it and watch it today!

Nathan N (ca) wrote: Could have been quite good but falters. I love the idea of Native American mysticisim turned into horror. The monster looked cool but there is little else going for it.

peter h (nl) wrote: GENUINE: A TALE OF A VAMPIRE (1920): after director Robert Wiene released his landmark film THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI, the film was a hit. But what few people know is Wiene made and released a second film in the same year called GENUINE, DIE TRAGDIE EINES SELTSAMEN HAUSES; translated in English means GENUINE, THE TRAGEDY OF A STRANGE HOUSE or under the title GENUINE : A TALE OF A VAMPIRE . Now there is not much left of this film that survives today except for a condensed 45 minute version of the film. As a matter of fact this is a rear silent film that's fortunate to have been released as a bonus on DVD as an extra feature a part of the DVD release of THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI by Beyond Home Video & Kino Home Video. This film is another good example of German Expressionist cinema with beautiful distorted sets and set pieces and as a bonus the weird hair styles of some of the main cast members. Genuine tells a story of a high priestess called genuine being sold as a salve to an old, rich business man who is captivated by her beauty. So the rich business man houses her in a big distorted room where he admires her, one day the young town Barber shows up as usual to shave the business man were he falls asleep while the shave is taking place. Genuine escapes to find the Barber with the razor near the old man's throat, with her hypnotic powers she makes the Barber kill the old man and makes the Barber fall in love with her. Before too long the townsfolk becomes suspicious of the strange house and its new resident. While no were near as creepy or for that matter as brilliant as CALIGARI, Genuine is a good film made in the style of German Expressionist cinema. It's just a shame I've only seen the condensed 45 minute version of the film, apparently one film archive in Germany might have a full copy of this film but for now the condensed 45 minute version will just have to do. 7/10

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Classic Jim Carrey comedy!

Jacob M (ag) wrote: love this movie Aztec WARRIOR!!!

Scott W (de) wrote: The baseball scenes are good, when the movie is just about scouts trying to decide if this hotshot player is worth a #1 pick. The problem is there is too much other stuff in the movie that doesn't work. Number one on that list: the romance. Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake have almost no chemistry and the movie sidetracks for long stretches to advance the romantic plot. Everything ties up a little too neatly at the end. This movie has potential but takes too many wrong turns for me to recommend.