X: Night of Vengeance

X: Night of Vengeance

A jaded call-girl. A fledgling hooker. The night from hell.

A jaded call-girl. A fledgling hooker. The night from hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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X: Night of Vengeance torrent reviews

Mike G (nl) wrote: While the plot may be predictable and one or two of the characters might get on you nerves, Tatou makes the film worth the watch. She plays the kooky hairdresser (they're actually all kooky) who tries to set her mother up.....

reeski r (fr) wrote: i found this movie riveting. Extremely well-written script, superbly acted, beautiful camera work, with interesting and moving personal stories revealed as the characters are developed while they contribute to the analysis of the crime. i was fascinated too that such a lengthy movie with so little action could be so compelling.

Keith T (jp) wrote: Yes, this film has its faults, but it is both amusing and entertaining, not least in that David Duchovny's character seems to be the Genesis of what will emerge from its chrysalis as Hank from (the better) Californication.

Matt R (gb) wrote: A peculiar disaster flick, in that it portrays such a disaster with startling realism. It has all of the cliches of the disaster subgenre, but sets a tone so depressing that it's hard to even enjoy the impressive effects when they finally show up. Points are given for trying something new, but I like my apocalypses lighter and more fun.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Cute Irish crime buddy movie with Brendan Gleeson being his usual crude humorous charming self.

Eric V (gb) wrote: New York, New York has that Scorcese feel-Robert DeNiro, great cinematography, New York as its own character. The real difference here pops up in the second half, when Liza Minnelli gives a very long, uneven musical number. Overall, it's a decent film with nostalgia that affects the director, but leaves little impact with me.

Wendy J (nl) wrote: One of those weird generation-gap movies you got in the 50's and 60's, when the older generation really didn't get what the kids were up to. It's not one of Fosse's best, but it's got its moments. Love the Peggy Moffatt eyes in the Rich Man's Frug sequence, and Shirley MacLaine does make an awfully endearing Charity.

Russ B (it) wrote: 9/24/2012: Just an ok action flick.

Christopher H (nl) wrote: I haven't yet seen the studio-enforced reshoot of Renny Harlin to compare, but this original version is a flawed but still admirable effort to demonstrate faith against the presence of real evil. Critics called it too "cerebral" but if anything, in my view, it still succumbs to horror movie conventions while at the same dread not adequately establishing an eerie atmosphere and elevating the tension.

Ryan C (es) wrote: I love when Hollywood wasn't PC...

Tim G (jp) wrote: A pretty average movie, but for some reason it ends up being pretty memorable. Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts actually have real screen chemistry.