X the Unknown

X the Unknown

A radioactive, mud-like creature terrorizes a Scottish village.

Starring Dean Jagger and Edward Chapman, the sci-fi horror is about an unknown monster being resuscitating by humankind's atomic experiments, starts causing chaos to a small village in Lochmouth region of Scotland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


X the Unknown torrent reviews

Saleem L (de) wrote: Amazing. If you like this, watch the last lions

Samuel C (mx) wrote: Repetitive, but it gets it's point across.

Eliabeth M (ru) wrote: "Andy Goldsworthy working with time."

Natalie Z (au) wrote: A really interesting and refreshing look at the diversity that exists outside the confines of 'normal' gender roles. It was also made in this strange artsy way that makes the whole movie feel like a surreal dream.

Heather S (ca) wrote: Must see..Very touching, bring the tissues!

Jamison R (nl) wrote: Probably nostalgia talking but I remember liking this when I saw it in the theater. Dana Carvey is his usual self, running through all if his impressions. As the charming down on his luck con man who hits the big payday, he kind of gets tripped up by the unexpected.

Bradley H (ru) wrote: They rarely make movies this good these days. This one is just about perfect across the board.

Andy P (kr) wrote: Loach's second film is a very important and strikingly authentic look at the life of a working class boy with a powerful and tragic message. The bird is a clever symbol for the hope that Billy, with no real opportunities or guidance will one day develop and like the kestrel, learn to fly against the wind.

Robin v (fr) wrote: funny and silly. enough plot twists to make it seem like two totally different movies.

Antony G (nl) wrote: Jack the Ripper is possibly the most famous & successful serial killer in the UK & to this day his identity has remained a mystery. This film looks through the conspiracy theories & goes as far as pointing the finger at Sir William Gull who acted as a surgeon to Queen Victoria & the Royal Family. It even brings up a theory I haven't heard of that the Ripper acted under orders from the Royal family & Freemasons to protect the British Crown from controversy. Prince Albert, another suspect in the murders, was attracted to unfortunate women (the name given to prostitutes in Victorian Britain) & had secretly married one such woman, bearing his child, in a Catholic Church. Both reasons a terrible threat to the British hierarchy. Thus all women who bore witness to the wedding had to be murdered to protect the Royal Family.It's not the greatest film I've seen. Granted Johnny Depp is excellent as usual & his English accent is uncanny as usual! Not so of Heather Graham's accent but her role was fine despite some criticism elsewhere. For me there was too many dull moments which made this already too long film all the more tedious!