In the '40s, three brothers decide to live a great adventure and enlisting in the Roncador-Xingu Expedition, which has a mission to tame the Central Brazil. The Villas Boas brothers: Orlando, 27, Claudius, 25, and Leonardo, 23, engage in a fantastic and incredible saga. Soon start to lead the expedition that opens new paths 1,500 km, navigates over 1,000 miles of unspoilt rivers, opens 19 airfields for airplanes Army, gives rise to the creation of 43 towns and 14 make contact with wild Indian tribes, unknown, as the Xavante, courageous and feared warriors, no casualties on both sides. This adventure allows the Villas Boas brothers the creation of the Xingu National Park, the first major Amerindian reservation in Brazil, the size of Belgium, transforming them into true contemporary heroes.

In the '40s, three brothers decide to live a great adventure and enlisting in the Roncador-Xingu Expedition, which has a mission to tame the Central Brazil. The Villas Boas brothers: ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam F (fr) wrote: If you want to find a crazy movie where logic barely applies and you're drawn to subtitled films too and you want to see something that's not really good, but interesting enough, I guess you could watch "Kitaro". I found "Kitaro" in a bargain bin of blu-rays in a tiny dollar store one day, never having heard of it. After watching the Blu-ray, Here's the plot as best I can describe it: Kitaro is a half-spirit, half-human creature who lives in the forest with his father (returned from the dead as a single eyeball), his friends Catgirl (Rena Tanaka as a girl who can morph into a cat-human hybrid to fight), The Sand Witch (literally, a witch with sand powers, played by Shigeru Muroi) and Old Man Crybaby (some kind of wizard that can turn himself to stone for unexplainable reasons, played by Kanpei Hazama). Kitaro is determined to keep a balance between the human world and the spirit world, so when he receives a letter from a young boy (Ruka Uchida as Kenta) telling him that his apartment is haunted, he comes to our world to investigate. Turns out Kitaro's old friend Ratman (Yo Oizumi) has been hiring ghosts to drive people out of their apartments in order to make money (how? I'm not sure). Kitaro makes short work out of the pesky poltergeists but fails to catch the eye of Kenta's hottie sister Mika (Mao Inoue). With his scheme foiled, Ratman stumbles into a shrine dedicated to the fox spirits, where he discovers a magical stone of power. He steals it and decides to sell it to a pawn shop to make money, only for it to be stolen by Kenta and Mika's father (Go Riju), who becomes corrupted by the stone's power. Before he is taken away by the police, he gives the stone to his son and makes him promise not to reveal it's location to anyone until he returns. The father dies soon after though, so now no one knows where the stone is (except of course for Kenta, who refuses to tell anyone anything). Turns out the stone is being sought-after by Kuko (Satoshi Hashimoto) an evil fox general out to conquer the world. Kitaro is watching over the two children, whom the council of magical creatures believe are responsible for the stone's theft so our hero is now responsible for returning it. Kitaro will have to face off against the army of foxes, travel to the underworld (with the help of a magical talking wheel named Wanyudo) and try to romance Mika before his father and the Sand Witch are sentenced to death in his place if this story is going to have a happy ending.As you can tell by the synopsis, this movie is just bonkers. Each character is crazier than the last and very little of the plot is properly explained. Things just happen all of the time and you never feel like you actually understand what is going on. Kitaro and the other magical creatures have special abilities they use maybe once or twice without warning and simply forget about them afterwards. The more characters we meet, the more it feels like you're just tuning in on the third season of an extremely complex and elaborate TV show. This clearly isn't made for people that aren't fans of the character, but looking a bit into the original material, I doubt that fans of the manga would appreciate the film either. Kitaro is supposed to be a one-eyed boy, but in this film he's a handsome young adult looking for love.... and he's got two eyes! The love angle, as far as I know anyway is also something that was completely absent from the manga, so that would probably feel like an unwanted element to fans too. This really doesn't feel like material that lends itself well to live action, making this whole film feel misguided. Some of the makeup is done pretty well (the fox people for example) but often, it looks just bizarre (or bad). When we are introduced to the Tengu police, a group of flying birds who send Kitaro to court, the makeup on those characters doesn't match the skin tone very well at all and you can easily spot the prosthetics. As for the CG, once again it's a mixed bag. Sometimes it looks pretty good and sometimes the characters are rendered almost exactly the way they looked in the book so they look totally out of place (look at the flying creature that looks like a roll of paper with a face on it or the talking wheel Wanyudo) or just lousy (the ghost lamp for example). The costumes look pretty good when they're on human-shaped characters but when they're used to create cyclopses or other wacky creatures, it looks like something from a carnival float.Even watching the film without any understanding of the original language I could tell that the acting was all over the place. A lot of the actors knew they were in a crazy B-movie and just go nuts, some take their roles seriously and others... just needed more acting classes. One positive thing I can say about the movie: it was never boring. Because there are so many crazy characters and so many plots flying around, you have no idea what is going to come up next. You're going to be watching the movie, wondering what will new development is around the corner, paying close attention and still you won't be able to predict at all what this movie pulls out of its hat in the next scene. I'll also grant it that when the costume and the makeup were well done, they looked pretty good and convincing. Otherwise though, what a mess. It's one of those movies that you can only really watch with a bunch of friends who have no idea what they are getting into just so you can hear their confused questions and laugh. It would also be a great movie to play at a big party because there's no way you can really understand the film unless you pay really close attention and do some after-viewing research so people will be able to take quick glimpses at the movie and use it as conversation starters or if they're getting kind of tired, just sit and watch while confused. As a movie and not an experience though, it's pretty rough.If you want to see a movie that is just totally insane, then check out "Kitaro" because even after seeing it and paying close attention to what was happening on the screen, I still don't quite know what it all meant. Being familiar with the original material will not make you appreciate the film more or less because it is utter nonsense most of the time and frequently not very well made. There's a place for movies like this though, and it's your evenings watching bad movies and poking fun of them. (Original language with subtitles on Blu-ray, August 30, 2013)

Louis F (kr) wrote: What a strange, strange movie.

Travis M (es) wrote: Major League: Back To The Minors is actually worse than the first two installments. I couldn't believe how bad some of the joke attempts were in this film.

James R (au) wrote: Antonio can sing! Wow!

(ru) wrote: This was a hard movie to watch. It sickened me. Jena Malone, was insanely good in this movie. It had to be hard for her to portray certain parts in this movie at such a young age. She was just amazing in this movie. It is a heart wrenching movie about a young girl who is sexually abused by her mothers boyfriend. Her mother is an awful piece of work. I wanted to go through the screen and physically harm her. I was just so disgusted with her and the way she treated her daughter. All of the actors all acted their parts well. Its just an awfully good movie that will have you going through a lot of emotions. I know I went through a lot watching it. It's not a film you can watch over and over again, but it is one that you would watch every once in a great while just on the story and the powerful acting. It is a movie that should be seen by all. A must see.

Sean C (ca) wrote: Not the utter turd I expected, but hardly good either.

Ms Amanda J (es) wrote: What the hell are moonshiners? Go get em, Jonathan!

jesse m (de) wrote: The aerial combat scenes were and always will be impressive, and Tony Scott's style is rich.... The machismo in this movie makes me want to literally puke.... Funny since it's also so very homoerotic... In any case, it can get on one's nerves. Can't deny it's classic status though... as much as it kills me.

Daniel A (ru) wrote: An effective yet ultimately disposable courtroom thriller that benefits from the star power of Bridges and Close. Following the brutal murder of his wife, Jack Forrester (Jeff Bridges) becomes the prime suspect in the case and calls in hardnosed lawyer Teddy Barnes (Glenn Close) to defend him in court. Naturally the pair's relationship quickly develops from a professional to a personal one, and Teddy finds herself in a major quandary as she begins to question whether Jack might have killed his wife after all. As you can probably tell, Jagged Edge isn't the most original of movies, but for a throwaway thriller with the potential to keep you guessing, it's a worthy film. Both stars put in acceptable performances, although nothing to get too excited about. It's perhaps a little harsh to say, as she's undoubtedly delivered some great performances over the years, but I often find myself viewing Close as a less effective Meryl Streep. Her performance here is nothing to scoff at, but not particularly noteworthy either. Bridges on the other hand never fails to surprise me with how good looking he was in his younger years, and does enough to keep the audience wondering which side of good and evil his character's heart lies. The highlight of the cast is actually Robert Loggia playing Teddy's legal aide. He earned a surprise Oscar nomination for his supporting role, and manages to steal virtually every scene he's in. The story is a familiar one but on the whole delivers an engaging mystery for audiences to solve. Richard Marquand, best known for directing Return of the Jedi, keeps events ticking along at a good pace, and while the film is not all that visually engaging, Marquand does give it a well-styled slickness. Meanwhile the San Francisco backdrop is always a personal highlight for me in any film, and makes a refreshing change from the typical New York setting that so many of these movies feel they must have. Overall Jagged Edge is an acceptable but undeniably average movie. It passes in all major areas but doesn't excel in any, making this an enjoyable but easily forgotten film.

Riley H (nl) wrote: ?This movie is surprisingly shitty. I can't excuse it because of the context. There are brutal continuity errors. And then there is the whole movie itself. It is just a series of scenes with Dillinger acting tough. It is bizarre. I don't get it. I wanted to like it, I really did.

Brian K (us) wrote: Wow this movie is a pointless waste of time. Avoid Rollerball like the plague!