Xun cheng ma

Xun cheng ma

The Republiic of China was still young, Shihai and the warlords were against Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Long and his gang roamed the northern mountain areas. They are known as "The Pigtails" for the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Cantonese,Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:1910s,   fight,   violence,  

The Republiic of China was still young, Shihai and the warlords were against Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Long and his gang roamed the northern mountain areas. They are known as "The Pigtails" for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam B (kr) wrote: Holy Smokes I just finished watching this movie and I absolutely loved it. I'm a huge fan of Korean films and they are my favorite films off all time. I will say that I haven't seen a ton of them but I'm working on it. I loved the setting and also the story plot while unoriginal kept the plot moving forward. The actors and actresses all did an Amazing job especially the main protagonist "Gon" played by Jang Dong-gun which was the first Korean movie I have seen him in and what a tremendous actor. I will move forward with the action and Man O Man was it Insane. The one thing Korean films do better then any other films from around the world are to choreograph wonderful firefight scenes and jaw dropping Brutal fight scenes. I have seen a ton of movies in my 25 years of existence lol and being from America I will also say that these films put to shame what America comes out with in terms of action. Well anyways this is a must watch movie and you will not regret it I guarantee you that and you will want to watch more Korean films afterwards but understand that if you can't or are to lazy to read subtitles you might not enjoy it as much but the action scenes might just alleviate that feeling.

Nidya N (ru) wrote: Excelente relato de la vida real, en el cual la fe y el amor, vence todos los sufrimientos y pruebas de la vida.

Asa B (au) wrote: Not the best entry in the film series, but still passable fun for the kids.

Shantell P (es) wrote: Shitty, shitty movie that put me to sleep.

Reece N (gb) wrote: only rated it 2 stars coz of the soundtrack other than that it was shit, the acting was poor, and the special effects sucked. lots of bits were lame.

Perttu S (au) wrote: Ei voi antaa vhemp. Erikoismaininta Tuomas Kantelisen upea musascore.

Nicolas P (gb) wrote: Ciertamente su banda sonora no es la mejor, pero es uno de esos aislados casos en que esa traba queda aplastada, por una historia, dramtica y aleccionadora (de las mejores de la animacin) y unos grficos impecables. Es que su esencia y planteamiento "cielo-infierno" ya la hacen de por s una gran produccin en que hasta un anciano en sus ltimos das de vida tiene mucho que aprender de ella, una leccin para todos. Es sencillamente magnfica y un clsico infinitamente superior a "la gran contrincante" de su ao. Que todas las personas la recuerden, sea una de las ms vendidas en la historia del VHS y un clsico mundial para la transmisin televisiva hacen notar que es un clsico en todo su esquema y una de las mejores pelculas animadas de la historia del cine.

Melanie R (br) wrote: Hillarious, over the top tribute to Hitchcock. Couldn't stop watching

Rosco B (us) wrote: The final chapter in a rather loose trilogy from Hammer Films concerning various incarnations of the undead 'Karnstein' clan. House stalwart Peter Cushing gives a great performance which goes beyond his usual reliabilty as Gustav Weil, would-be guardian of the titular duo and head of the 'Brotherhood' - a kind of puritan vigilante militia out to rid the land of vampires. With the neuroses and tunnel-visoned bitterness Cushing brings to the role, you can well believe he is the films true villain; rather than the foppish Count Karnstein. He even gets away with typically hokey, title-shoehorning lines such as "The Devil has sent me Twins of Evil!". Playboy Playmates (and real-life twins) Mary and Madeleine Collinson are the said siblings, and are clearly there for reasons other than their acting abilities. Both are also curiously dubbed. Damian Thomas is a good old laugh as the suave lothario Count. When you're at some dandyish dude's castle for dinner and he proposes a toast "to Satan!", you know you're in bother. Undoubtably the most arresting of the trilogy (it followed the alluring, solid 'The Vampire Lovers' and the much weaker 'Lust For A Vampire') 'Twins of Evil' is also one of the strongest works in the Hammer pantheon- a late high spot as the vampire genre was on the wane. "To Satan" indeed.

David F (gb) wrote: Technicolor swashbuckler starring Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara could have used more pirate action between the attacks that bracket the beginning and end of the picture, and less of the romantic battle-of-wills, lovable rogue vs. headstrong heroine banter, which feels very forced given that Power spends most of his time manhandling and trussing lovely O'Hara up in a most politically incorrect fashion (Power also makes an unconvincing Englishman). There is a very fine supporting cast in Thomas Mitchell, George Zucco and a very young Anthony Quinn in an early role. However, the real delights to watch are George Sanders playing a pirate chief, as far away a character from Addison DeWitt a you can get, and the larger-than-life performance by mountainous Laird Cregar as famed Captain Henry Morgan himself, complete with Welsh dialect and limitless bombast.