XX: Beautiful Prey

XX: Beautiful Prey

This Japanese thriller finds a beautiful policewoman becoming entangled in Japan's S&M underground while investigating a gruesome murder. Soon, her investigation has led her to a seductive sadist and his equally appealing masochist victim. Falling prey to her suspects' powerful allure, she struggles to extricate herself from an increasingly torrid affair to solve the mystery she set out to investigate.

A policewoman becomes entangled in Japan's S&M underground, while investigating a gruesome murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel T (nl) wrote: this was totally awesome!

Aidan S (kr) wrote: Really good a funny movie a 90% by Aidan

Joshua F (nl) wrote: This movie is so funny!

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Ellie D (fr) wrote: I was surprised I liked this movie, has a nice twist at the end.

Rmy V (kr) wrote: What were they thinking....

Will M (br) wrote: just watched this for the first time since I was a little kid. So good

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